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Memorial created 03-2-2009 by
Sharon Barrow
April 0 1994 - February 4 2009

In loving memory of our Buckwheat who we love so much. Buckwheat will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Hi my Beloved Buckwheat it has been 6 years since you left us, I miss you everyday, I hope you and Newson and rue is having lots of fun waiting for mommy and daddy to join you, you 3 will be in our hearts forever see you all oneday love you and miss you] MOM

you never did like the cold,and snow I hope you are in sunshine and warm now..:)

Hi my beloved buckwheat hope you are doing ok, just a not to tell you we miss you everyday, and wishes you was still with us.  I know you are up there haveing fun with all the others, but I miss you so.   love mom It has been a year now,that you lift us you are always still on my mind I miss you so,but know one day I will see you again, keep looking for me, I can not wait until the day I see you and you give a big kiss like you used too, you always showed me the love you was always there for me, and you still are... so for now  have fun and wait for me...... love you always Mom


My baby boy Buckwheat

Hi my baby boy, Buckwheat it has now been 2 years since you lift us, we miss you soooo much I think about you everyday and still see you here in the things I have around us here @ home you will always be right here next to my heart no matter where I go in my life until we meet again.Newsons misses you too he looks for you all the time he misses his buddy, we now have a little black kitty with us now she was born around thime you lift us she just came to the house looking for Love and I see you in some the things she does I wonder if you are guilding her somewhat....I LOVE YOU & MISS YOU SO... I hope you are looking down on us and miss us as much, I will see you one day and I know you will be there waiting, Well I will go for now and you will be always in my dreams and in my heart...Love YOUR MOM forever......P.S, Your where the best dog and friend a person could ever have....


Hi my big boy,Buckwheat it has been 3 years now and I still miss you everyday, but you are all around me always. Hope you are in a better place now and I will join you oneday so take care and look for mommy and daddy oneday. I love you and miss you forever.


Hi My dearest Buckwheat, it has been 6 years now and you still missed every day and loved as you know Newson"s has also come to join you you take good care of him until Mommy gets up there.I will see you one day so until then you 3 wait for me at Rainbow Bridge... lots of hugs and kisses coming ..."(


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