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Memorial created 03-4-2009 by
Chris Cubby
August 0 1995 - March 3 2009

In loving memory of our Oscar who we love so much. Oscar will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Oscar was only 4 weeks old when his mother was hit by a car and we brought him home.  He was a gift for my daughter Bethany.  He was so little, and full of fleas. 

He grew into an extraordinary cat.  He actually liked the dogs and often slept with them.  He loved to get on your lap and chest and dig his claws in while he purred. He often would snuggle up to your neck and begin to suck on your ear lobes.  He was a pretty silly cat.

In 1999 he was hit by a car.  He broke a jaw that was wired shut, and lost a large amount of his teeth.  We were amazed he survived.  Then there was another incident where he must have been attacked by a wild animal but he survived that too.

When we moved to a quieter neighborhood, he liked to go out and roam, and sleep in the sun on the deck.

He wasn't much of a hunter.  He would much rather just snuggle.  The back of the couch was his favorite place to cat nap. 

We will all miss him very much.


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