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Memorial created 03-5-2009 by
Janice Giampaoli
Ripsi Mari
March 0 2008

Not the real Ripsi Mari, but a precious substitute

In loving memory of our Ripsi Mari who we love so much. Ripsi Mari will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

This message was written by Wensdae, Ripsi Mari's mommy on 03/02/09.

My Ripsi died a year ago in March 2008, and I am still finding it hard to stop the hysterical non-stop crying. Ripsi caught an fungal infection while camping in Arizon. When we returned back to Chicago she started showing signs of being sick, but my vet just keep giving me the run around, like other vets did as well. Know one knew what she had, and didn't know how to treat her. I still get frustrated at the fact that there was one place I took her to that was able to diagnose her condition, but by this time my pocket book was deplieted. I tried to work out payments, but the vets were not having it. I tried to explain to them I was on SSI disability, but they wanted their money. I lived on my friends boat all summer, and on the third of each month I would take her to another vet hoping that they would help me. The sad thing is the place that could of saved her was the place that put her to rest. I am very angry that my dog died because my pocket book was not deep enough. Is this what the world has come to. A vet is supposed to help your animal, not turn you away to let the dog get worse. Thats exactly what happened to Ripsi. When I finally got the financial help I needed, it was to late. I just want the vets in the world to know how much they hurt me, and took away my fury baby.




I have chosen to sponsor Ripsi Mari for her mother Wensdae.  Wensdae visited our site on forum to spill her heart and soul out about the insensitivity and callousness of some of those practicing in the veterinary profession.  Having read her story, it truly broke my heart for her, and for her beloved companion.  I cannot imagine vets refusing to treat an animal because someone lacks the funds.  What happened to pro bono work in the veterinary profession?!  Have they forgotten their obligation to help those less fortunate?  If so, what a sad commentary on those vets who refused to care for Ripsi Mari until it was too late. 

Ripsi Mari needs to be remembered with love and affection even though we never saw her, or knew her personally.  She deserves the recognition after what happened to her.  I have no idea if her mommy will ever visit this site again, but let us remember her fur baby.  I know she would have really loved this.

This IS NOT a true picture of Ripsi Mari. My sister Gina (Saada's mommy) picked out a picture of a dog to substitute for Ripsi Mari since we have no idea what she looked like.


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