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March 0 2004 - May 0 2008

Me and my Angel

In loving memory of our Taz who we love so much. Taz will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

You can never take for granted the love you feel from and can give to your pet because one day they just might not be there....I rememeber the day like it was yesterday, a scary sick feeling you get when you realize your baby is missing. I found out a week later the fait of my angel and I felt like someone was rippping my heart out. Taz is always in my thoughts throughout every day and he is in my heart forever.I will never forget his character and amazing personality which I was blessed with for 4 amazing years. He was independent yet loving and aware of my feelings and could always make me feel better with just his presence. He was deeply loved by the kids and michael (even though before Taz he would have never had a cat...) and we will remember him forever. 

From the first moment I saw Taz I knew that he was the one for me, and apparently so did he because he jumped into my arms and that was at first sight. He was there to comfort me when I was alone and I am forever grateful for the love that he showed me when I needed it most. Sometimes I still feel him sleeping on my pillow at night, which is where he was every night since I can remember even if sometimes he was actually on my head!! I can remember watching him try to climb the wall chasing after the laser pointer or the fishing pole we used to real his toys in (That one drove him nuts!!). I am happy to atleast be left with all of these wonderful memories.


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