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Memorial created 03-9-2009 by
Lauren K Garner
April 9 1995 - November 11 2008

looking at me looking at you



Here's a poem I wrote in Poochie's memory.  I hope it resonates.


Our Duet

My heart strings play an enchanted tune
A melodic rendition heard only by two

It's most powerfully enticing and profoundly sublime
How immeasurable, all abiding with no end or lack of time

My Poochie, my baby gal, my little bit, my champ
Forever I'll hold you in my heart, placed gently for you to encamp

No one has ever taught me so much of life and love
As you've demonstrated everyday, the joy, the gusto, the fun

What a duo we've been with our crazy hair, exuberance and unbridled, quirky grins
Making those whom we've encountered, brighten up in lack of chagrin

Our prose and verse of rhythms chime, so light with full effervescence
No need for explanation, motivation, inspiration for it's eternal duration

As I continue on, so shall you
As I take hold of the future, so shall you
As I make new memories and triumph on in grace and gratitude, so shall you
As I find new challenges to persevere, so shall you
As I love, and care and share and give, so shall you
And, as I sing our duet throughout the years, so shall you

So, I'll pay it forward my special gal
To make more aware what is pure in this world

When my body wears tired, I'll just take a deep breath
And listen a little closer to the harmony of our duet......

Smiling at me smiling at you


My baby girl, Poochie passed away November, 11, 2008.  She will be deeply missed, as I love her so.   She was by my side most of the time and the rest of  the time she was on my lap.  We had a wonderfully full life together and the past two months from her collapse, diagnosis, to surgery and through her final day on earth have remained the same.  Although her cancer(hemangiosarcoma) was aggressive, she was in no pain and enjoying all of life's joys to the very end.  She even went to work with me, then for a bike ride in a special basket I made for the back of my bike on the day of her demise,


On top of the world with my gal

We walked together, hiked together, biked together, ran together through many parks and mountainsides.  Every time we ran she would challenge my pace with a glance, then push me a little harder.  We share apples and tofu and carrots were her favorite.  We tended to one another when no one else could, giving comfort and strength.  We triumphed and persevered through disability, divorce, several illnesses and surgeries on both sides.  We celebrated with laughter and yaps, as we enjoyed the simple things in life together - a fresh, fragrant filled, spring breeze, a cool dip of our toes in the creek, after a long walk/hike or run, a crunchy apply during a long drive with the windows down and our hair and fur flying crazy  in the wind,.  We slept together.  She had her special place in "my nook" which she curled herself into every night and was there upon rising no matter how many times I tossed and turned during the night.  But, some of our most precious moments were those subtleties given back and forth which only she and I could feel or understand - a glance into each others eyes, a gentle kiss on the nose and slight sigh late at night. 

your eyes in my eyes
What beauty in nature

A very special day for both of us

You knew it from the start, just as I did.  You could feel the special qualities which he possessed and the joy which permeated from his soul.  You knew and you made it quite clear, that he was the one, My Forever Love Found.  You met him and greeted him with a welcoming lick, although you'd just returned from minor surgery and weren't quite yourself.  Then upon second meeting came a most delightful show of excitement, as you left my side for the first time EVER and ran up to his in the greatest of fancy, then sat, kissed his cheek and came running back to me.  He followed right behind you with a full toothed, smile upon his face, as I mirrored one back at him. We looked down at you, as I picked you up, then we hugged and giggled and kissed.  And without a moment to spare we looked into each others eyes and just did you! 


He loved you like no other daddy could.  He was so grateful for having you in his life and let you know how much he loved your momma.  He knew you had to be there when he asked for my hand in marriage...and you were on that very special day.  It wasn't long after that, you collapsed during a hike and we found out you were hemorrhaging from a tumor in your spleen.  You needed emergency surgery, which you came through beautifully and remarkably bounced back, leaving us to believe you were in the clear.  We were wrong.  It was Hemangiosarcoma, an aggressive form of cancer, with a prognosis of 2 weeks to 2 months.  I cried and you noticed the fear and despair.  So, I made myself strong and took hold of the pain, so I could give you the best of what days remained.  We celebrated each day, each moment of life until that last day, when you looked up at me, with eyes of a telling soul, ears tucked back and a nimble of a sigh.  I knew what you were saying and I told you it was okay.  I told you mommy loves you and will always be near.  I kissed you, while calling him to inform him, it's time.  And he drove in an hour to be by our side.  As we held you and told you, you're our special gal, you looked into our eyes, then rested your sweet head and took your last breath.  I let you go from my arms that day , but forever you'll be with me in spirit and in that special place in my heart.

Momma and daddy love you forever and ever baby girl!


My three girlie- girls shine on

Within the past six months, I've lost all three of my precious pups - Maxie, 16 yr. old, F, Border Collie/ Chow, Chia, 17 yr. old, F, Chow- Chow and Poochie, 13 yr. old, F, Schipperke/Pomeranian.  All were rescued from horrible circumstances, but not a single snarl or aggressive bone lie within them, only love and gratitude for giving them the best life possible.

I've been quite fortunate and am truly grateful for having these three wonderful, little, spirits be such a big part of my life.  When my days were anything but pleasant, they brought comfort, joy, levity and LOVE.  When my world turned upside down, they were snuggled, by my side.  And when new lights appeared before me, they gave me the strength to take hold and find my destiny.  My team of Four Loving Ladies has suddenly diminished, but our quest to spread kindness, compassion, love and levity shall be paid forward, as I carry on. 
What a team!
Trust of loving arms - the day she collapsed

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