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Memorial created 03-14-2009 by
Cara Stewart
September 30 1993 - March 11 2009

I am having a hard time working on Penny's memorial right now, my heart is still very broken, but I am glad it is here, and very soon I will add lots and lots of pictures, because she deserves that (and I want to have a place online to look at them, so there).




I wanted Penny for years before I even knew she existed.

I knew i wanted a little dog, and I knew it in kindergarten and even though I had lots of dogs that I loved, especially sweet Candy, I set my sights on a "little dog" (this is decades-pre-legally-blond-paris-hilton-little-dog-ness).

Being fairly resourceful and deciding that my parents were dropping the ball, I started listening to Q95 Swap Shop (on the radio) and heard about Penny. (well, about toy pomeranians...)


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