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Memorial created 03-15-2009
January 16 1994 - March 14 2009

In loving memory of our Blue who we love so much. Blue will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

"Dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole" -Roger Caras

On Saturday afternoon 12:56 pm my Baby Girl took her last breath in her bed at home and in our arms surrounded by love very quiet and relaxed.  

She got to spend 10 days with her Grandma Yoshi last week while I went to Alaska for work 2/28-3/7.  She loved her Grandma and was so lucky that she could come up from San Diego to take care of her several times in the past year.  In the entire time we were together, I am happy to say that Blue was always cared for by family.

Her condition deteriorated last week and she was suffering.  I was in denial until a couple long rough nights on Thursday and Friday.  It was clear on Sat morning that she was telling me it was time for me to let her go. I am grateful that Dr. Judy could come to our home and take special care and respect for Blue and her transition. 

Her ashes will be spread at Mt.Si where she can run on her trails now forever in peace.

Blue came into my life in Fall of 2003. I was visiting Homeward Pet Shelter every weekend looking for a Dog that would trail run with me. I saw Blue and loved her spirit and beautiful face (one blue eye and one brown – hence her name “Blue”), but she was a Senior Dog at 9 and a shepherd mix that was much larger than I was looking for. One weekend Blue was gone and I was so excited for her, assumed she was adopted. Unfortunately, the volunteers let me know that she stopped eating and would not get up – she went into Foster Care for 2 weeks. I decided that if she would have me when she returned I would make a commitment to her for the remainder of her years.  When she returned we met in the lobby, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and the deal was sealed. We discovered that she was shot and has a pellet lodged in her back, there are some scars on her and I imagine there was some abuse in her past.  We were a perfect pair.

We went to Redwood Animal Hospital for a clean bill of health from Dr. Kellee Roberti and were advised that she could run as long as we built up the conditioning slowly. She got up to 6 miles running with me and loved it. She was strong, in great shape and we both were grateful to have found each other.

Blue was diagnosed with Cushings Disease last year and started to get acupuncture. In January 2008 she suffered a vestibular seizure and the decline started. Her rear legs were getting weaker. We were referred to the Heavenly Spa in May. She started to swim and loved her weekly time with Erin, Claire, Pat and Teri.   In the pool Blue was happy and free. She could swim, float and enjoy her massages. In the beginning she was anxious, needed a vest and rescue remedy. I would be in the pool with her and one of her Aunties Erin, Claire or Pat would love her all over. She loved the treats - especially Pat’s Peanut Butter Biscuits! YUM! Soon she was excited as soon as we hit the driveway of the Spa, the vest came off and she felt comfortable on her own with her Aunties. She even got up to swimming full laps along the perimeter of the pool. 

Her condition was degenerative so the limp turned to a hop which turned to a lame left rear leg. We met with Barbara at K9 Carts in Langley, WA where she was fit with her fabulous wheels and sexy booties in August. It was amazing to see her run for the first time with her new wheels. She was like a puppy chasing squirrels at the park.   The wheels gave us 8 additional precious months together that we will forever be grateful to Barbara and her Team.

The last 6 months I moved to the sofa downstairs and have been on 4 hour shifts with my Baby Girl.  From becoming her rear legs so she could do her loops around the house and then walking around the neighborhood at all hours of the morning in her wheels with our flashing lights and headlamp on.  There were GI issues, benign cysts to be drained and severe atrophy of her rear legs muscles. And I would do it ALL over again without regrets.  She was pure unconditional love and I am so grateful we found each other. She was my Pretty Princess and it was my privilege to spoil her in every creature comfort I could provide to the very end.  There is a hole in my heart that can never be filled and I miss her terribly.

"Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim."  - Vicki Harrison

I have learned that it takes a village to care for a Senior Dog. From the Teams at Homeward Pets, Redwood Animal Hospital, Heavenly Spa and K9 Carts this has been an incredible journey.   Blue and I are grateful for the support of so many amazing angels who have dedicated their lives to improve the quality of life of our Babies.  

Special Thanks to my Mom and Sister Joyce who have been my rocks through this painful process. 

Blue is free now and can run on her trails, chase squirrels and romp in the snow to her hearts content. 

There is no death. Only a change of worlds. - Chief Seattle




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