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Memorial created 03-18-2009 by
Terry Coon
1995 - March 17 2009

This is our beloved wormer.


In loving memory of our Bubba who we love so much. Bubba will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.For those that have had the pleasure of meeting our beloved "wormer",you know what I'm talking about when I say he "worms" his way into your heart instantly.For those that haven't met him,it is a pleasure that will not soon be repeated.From all of us,we wish you many bones and cookies in the Rainbow Bridge Pastures and Fields.We will see you soon my dear friend.


Bubba's last walk at the Bark Park.


Our Bubba came to us as a rescue dog.He was riddled with heartworm,ingrown eyelashes,and pure neglect and abuse.We got him back into good health and he thrived and thrilled everyone with his kind-heartedness and mellowness.It was a rarity to hear him bark.So when he did,it always meant something.In all the years we had him,I never once heard him growl.What's more,the only time he ever whinced in pain was when he had one of his chronic ear infections.He was truly an exceptional boy,and will be sorely missed with each passing day.I only hope that he had offspring somewhere that will retain his geneline.If indeed there are,then these people will understand what I say when I state that he was indeed the most person friendly dog all around.


Bubba in his favorite resting spot...the dirty clothes pile!

Our Bubba inspired a lot of people to do many different things.Usually just by being himself and going about his favorite tasks.One of these tasks is pictured here.It was his "prime directive" to make the dirty clothes pile his personal napping spot.But not just his spot,but the timing of it.You see,he liked to play with momma's head a bit and would plop down and start sawing logs just about the time it was time to start a new load.I really think he knew that he would be the complete center of attention for the brief time it took to coax him away from his spot to swap loads.This just made him all the more endearing to us all.He also inspired more artistic talents,as well.As soon as I can figure out the scanner,I will show the pencil shading assignment my daughter did from a picture of Bubba and his foster sister Nikki.The photo is moving and will be worth the wait.I sincerely hope all of you reading this are enjoying Bubba as much as we always have.The many memories that he has given us will go on for the rest of our lives.Few are blessed with this type of unconditional love as we have been.I hope there are a lot more "Bubbas" out there giving this type of devotion to you all as well.


Bubba and Nikki drawing.

This is a drawing that my daughter,Danielle,did of our two wonderful furkids.For the longest time,I could have sworn it was a black and white photo of them.However,when she occasionally takes it out of it's frame and sprays it with a special adhesive,now I realize just how special and fragile it is.We will treasure this for a long time.Just as we did our two wonderful puddies.We still miss them both very much.I hope all will get a little enjoyment out of this,at least as much as we do.Thanks.


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