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Memorial created 03-18-2009 by
Kathy Schacklin
June 9 1998 - March 19 2009

My Papa Bear

In loving memory of our Shamus who we love so much. Shamus will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. Love comes in many forms...but the best form of love is from four paws unconditionally!!!

I am going to miss you my "Little BooBoo Bear"! My heart has a big hole now that you have passed on. However, I know you will always be with me & the joy you brought to my life, filled a void when mom died. Now you can keep grandma company until I see you again. Take care my best friend...enjoy your new life & home.

I love you Shamus!!!!!

Who me?
Mine & no one can have it!
Coming through! The dinner bell rang.
What...never seen a dog swim before?

Mommy, I know that your heart is heavy & your eyes are full of sadness; I wanted you to know that Kobie is by my side & we're both very happy. Please don't worry about us & take care of Titus. Just remember that we will be together again. We love ya Mom!!

Honest Mom, it wasn't me.
All I need now is a halo!

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