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Memorial created 03-24-2009 by
Randy Hills
Brownie Girl
March 19 1994 - March 20 2009

Brownie Girl and I united some 16 years ago.  I lived in Torrance Ca., I asked my Apartment Manger, Lorraine if I could have a pet, she answered yes, a cat.  I went to the Gardenia Animal Rescue Center looking for a cat.  After going through the maze of kennels I made my last turn to exit, then in a kennel was Brownie.  The Staff informed me that she had arrived two weeks ago, she was mothering two very small pups, not of hers, the Staff said she would be "put dowm" the following day.  I knew I had to save her, I called Lorraine and told her I found a rather large Cat, which looked so much like a sweet caring Dog.  Lorraine understood I guess, she spoke with the Staff, and I signed the papers, Browine was coming home.  That cold rainy day was filled with such happiness and joy.  Brownie was so young, happy and just plain silly.  My life change almost over night, she demanded my attention, and looked over me as though she had always been with me.  Brownie always stood by me, in good times, and bad, always ready to kiss you, and tell you in her  own way that things will be ok.

As the years past, Brownie's health and well being began to slow down, but never her spirit, or love.  I will miss her beyond any word could describe, I do have comfort knowing that she is safe, and looking over me and the ones that loved her so very much.  I know that she has been welcomed by Allie and Matt, and Minnie and Richie, as she did with me, she will take care of them in her loving, caring way.


My Dear Brownie Girl, I love you so much, and know again we will be united.  Thank you for being a role model for Rodeo, and welcoming Baby into our home.



Thank you to everyone who has signed and visited this memorial, with my profound love, and hope of peace to you all.

Randy Hills


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