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Memorial created 04-1-2009 by
claudia varble
Baby Blue
April 18 2008 - March 31 2009

simply an angel

Beautiful Baby Blue. It's so hard to even think I am creating a memorial for you. Just last spring you were born so beautiful.  So young and full of life. Such a sweet gentle boy. You were named for your brilliant blue eyes. I lost you yesterday, so suddenly and tragic. Your mom looks for you today. She doesn't understand. You were always by her side until she had your new little philly sister the day before you left us. You had grown up..and she started pushing you away a couple of months ago..getting ready for the new baby.  All the other horses loved you and you fell right into place with them. You were perfect. Not one illness, you never even had a single scratch on most young colts do. Calm and so easy to work with. Until your mom was let out of the barn with her new philly. You tried to jump the fence to get to her. Something you've never tried before. You hit the ground on your neck and died within minutes. I saw it happen. Something I can't get out of my mind. I raced over to you as you took your last breath. The finalness of it is overwhelming to me. And the shock seems like it will never wear off.

I have terrific memories of you. You are etched in my heart sweet Baby Blue. You never kicked, or hurt anyone or anything. I am so thankful to have had you in my life, even the short time you were here. I had no idea what an impact you have had in my life. Watching you grow from birth, watching the changes and how much like your mother you were becoming. She taught you all her wonderful traits. I'm so sorry I didn't protect you while she was with her new baby. I feel like I let her down as well as you. You've never touched a fence before. I still just can't believe how it happened and that theres no second chances for us. A song has been stuck in my head today called "baby blue". I changed the words a little and I hope you can hear me and know that you were loved and you are missed.


                                       Baby Blue...was the color of his eyes

                                       Baby the colorado skies

                                       like a breath of spring, you came and left

                                       and I still don't know

                                        heres to God..who holds my Baby Blue tonight.

Please keep him safe and happy God. Let him know how much he is loved.







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