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Memorial created 04-28-2009 by
Natalie Detert
August 16 1987 - March 10 2006

In loving memory of our Tiger who we love so much. Tiger will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Tiger was my first cat after I moved out on my own.  With her beautiful markings that matched perfectly. she was my tempermental calico.  She was so sociable, always wanting to meet anyone that came in the door.  Of course, depending on her mood, she either gave you her "welcoming" meow, or her "don't bother me" meow.

She had her schedule, and if you dared to stray, she would let you know.  She was a talker, always letting you know what was on her mind.  She demanded attention, and had to be in the middle of anything and everything that you were doing.

Her purr and sandpaper kisses would soothe away a bad day, and comfort you in sadness.  Her love was un-conditional and you knew it.  Tiger gave me 18+ un-forgettable years.  She was with me during the darkest days and the happiest days of my life.  She was, a perfect cat.  And we miss her.



My love for Tiger, goes to the deepest parts of my heart.  My memories I have, I hold close, and don't let go.  I wish, for one moment, I could have one more day, to hold, to stroke her soft fur, to kiss her head.  To see her look up at me and meow.

Memories are all I have left. 

I hope you enjoy our story together.




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