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Memorial created 04-29-2009 by
Andy Grooms
Sound Of Silence
March 11 2002 - April 27 2009

Sophie holds down her stuffie duck while chewing her rawhide.

Sound of Silence, aka Sophie, was an amazing hound that was so full of life. She retired after over one hundred career starts into a home with my mother, two cats, an elderly parrot and a somewhat neurotic brindle boy-greyhound named Ozzy. Sophie transitioned from track life into retirement with ease; a little shy at first, but clicking with her new family very quickly. Shortly after moving in with her new family her new brother Ozzy lifted his leg and peed on her in the yard, officially accepting her as his new sister. Her outgoing personality was the perfect complement to Ozzy’s timid personality in that she was able to coax him out of his shell, even if only a little bit for short periods of time. She was always happy and absolutely loved people. At the monthly meet and greets she knew her job well and made it her goal to greet each and every passerby, whether it was a welcomed greeting or not. She was sometimes a demanding hound, insisting that she be petted with a quick and sharp “woof”. At other times she was a very independent hound; preferring to spend time laying outside in the grass alone, or to sleep by herself so as not to be disturbed by other restless bodies (hound or human). If you sat on HER couch, she would crawl over to you and lay her head in your lap waiting for ear scratches. If she didn’t get her scratches or the scratches stopped, she’d push you off her couch since she had no further need of you. She was very tolerant of her feline family members as long as they didn’t have too much fun while she was trying to sleep. Come rawhide time, she would sit with her paws on her rawhide and wait for Ozzy to get up and leave his so she could swoop in and grab it, only to have him come around and snatch up hers unattended. She loved to run in the yard with her brother. If Ozzy wasn’t in a running mood, she’d nip at his hind legs until he chased her. Sometimes her cousins Hot and Chellie would come to visit and give her someone new to run with for a little while. I always look forward to visitng my mom, and with Ozzy and Sophie there my Hot and Chellie were thrilled to have other hounds to run and play with. Despite her quirks, Sophie was very well-behaved and always obedient when a treat or a walk was at stake. Sophie was a textbook greyhound. She was a roo’er and a roacher, a snuggler and a snoozer. She was a diva, a chow-hound and sometimes a lap dog. But most of all, she was what she was put on this earth to be:
Our Sophie



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