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Memorial created 04-29-2009 by
Sue Haygood
August 13 1994 - March 2 2009

Pretty Little Girl!!

My precious sweet Cassie, you brought so much joy and happiness into our lives.  You were my special friend and I loved you so very much.  We got you when you were 6 weeks old and so small.  I could hold you in my hand.  You were a fiesty one too!.. From the first night you had a pillow next to mine to slleep on.  In the mornings when your woke up you put your little, cold wet nose on my face which meant get up mom I need to go poddy. You were so tiny I had to give you a spoon of peanut butter everyday to build you up.  You finely got stronger and started to grow to 8 lbs. 

Oh, how I miss you mornings, daytime and especially at night.  You are not on your pillow next to mine. Instead I have your internment box there which helps me some.  At night  I used to rub your little left back foot while you went to sleep now I hold the lock on the box and rub it.  This is all I have left of you materially, but OH how many wonderful, happy moments we had.  I will hold them dear to my heart for ever.

We lost Wallace and Windsor to this past year.  I am so happy they found you and I know they will take care of you.  They will love and protect you like I did for so many years.  They may not rub your foot while you go to sleep but I am sure they will keep you warm and loved.

I will forever miss you.  My heart is full of love for you and thanksgiving for all the love and happiness you gave me.

Love and kisses,





Good morning my sweet baby.  I am really missing you and my heart is filled with pain today.  I know you are much happier there where you can see and don't hurt anymore.  It still hurts and I still miss you.  The tears just fall.  I try to remember all our good times but it is still hard.  There is such a void in my heart without you.

You have a wonderful time playing today with Windsor and Wallace and all of you other new friends.

I love you so much, Momma


6-2-09----Here it is just a few weeks since you left me.........The pain is still there and will be forever.  I miss you so very much.  I hope you are having fun over the bridge.  I don't want you to worry about me I will be fine.  I have so many wonderful memories of the times we shared.  You were my sweaty pie, my protector and companion for many years and I miss that so much. 

Oh how I wish I could just hold you once again.  Just for a few minutes.  To feel your breath on my cheek and to feel your little paws.  I know you are so much happier there because you have no more pain and can see all the beautiful colors in the flowers and rainbows.  I know you suffered by being blind and hurting but all that is over.  You are a new puppy now and can enjoy everything there is to enjoy.

How is Windsor and Wallace?  Have you meet Max and Kia?  They look like such sweet dogs and I know you would like them.  They crossed over the bridge some time ago.

Have fun my sweet baby.........I love you and miss you forever.



Cassie you are in our hearts forever!! XOXOXOXOX

Cassie MO


Sweet Baby Girl - Cassie

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