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Memorial created 05-2-2009 by
Tracy White
January 10 2000 - May 1 2009

Brave to the very end.

In loving memory of our TUFFY BRAZUE who is loved forever. Our brave and loyal girl will be greatly missed and lives in Tracy and Charlie's heart and soul forever. We lost our beloved girl from Cancer of the liver. We lost her sister in March of 2008 of  Cancer of the spleen. 

Our Tuffy how little we knew about you.  You came into our life so little and too young to be separated from your mother.  You were a strange combination of a devil dog and a rabbit.  Your ears were huge and your face was precious with all the black markings around your deep blue eyes.  You growled and never wanted to be held.  Your whole life was wanting  Charly Bear.  Charly Bear so special and so loving.  We gave you to your sister thinking she could raise you to be like her.  Unfortunately this did not happen.  You became a growling girl who could not relate to humans.  It took some time and thought for us to realize what we did wrong. We had to keep you close, give you lots of attention.  After much affection and many walks you were the best.  Loving & precious but still independent.  How you loved for us to give you a massage.  You would demand affection & made sure you got your share.  We loved that about you.

We adopted another Siberin Husky named Oliver who you looked after and protected with all your heart and soul.  When he was in trouble or cried out in frustration you were always there.  When he was in time out for misbehaving in Daycare you stayed by his side  You were true blue and your love for Oliver was constant.

You have shown me over an over again the depth of your soul and your patience for the innocent.  You are a nurturer a comforting soul when life can be difficult.  How you watched over Nathan even when he hurt you.  You were by his side no matter how he treated you. You understood he was just a small boy and never held it against him. You never doubted, you were always there.  A constant warrior of protection.

You are a rare girl, one of whom I am proud to say is our little "Tuff Stuff".  I love the way you pranced and placed one foot in front of the other when you walk.  You growled at things most dogs don't respond to.  Your way of being totally not interested but you never missed a thing.  You did things when and how you wanted. You had an independent nature so true to your breed and so lovable to me.  We love you Tuffy and we just had to put it into words.  You were and always will be our unique furry friend and companion.  You are so special to me and Charlie.  It is too quiet here without you.

Today is September 1, we lost you 4 months ago.  I miss you more than ever and think about your sweet face all the time.  Your my little prancing girl.  I hope your running and playing with Charly Bear.  It gives me a little comfort to think my girls are together again.

We rescued 2 Huskies a few weeks ago.  They are both girls and they remind us of you and Charly Bear.  They have not had a very good life and I know the two of you would have welcomed them.  We will look after them in your memory and continue to share the love.  Oliver has been great and we are surprised.  You know how spoiled your brother is.  He misses you and Charly Bear.  He lost a lot of weight and paced the floor all night.  He seems more relaxed and happy since the girls arrived.  Every one seems to be doing just fine.

Charlie and I miss you and will always cherish the gift of having you in our lives.

Dear Tuffy,

Christmas is three days away and I miss you so much.  This will be our first Christmas without you by our side.  I love you sweet Tufster and think about  you all the time.

I can only hope your with your sister and the two of you are ok.  I wish I could feel your energy around me.  

The girls are doing better and starting to trust and relax.  They have had a very hard start in life and need time to trust and not be afraid.  I see many things in them that remind me of you and Charly Bear.  I thank my higher power for that.  I have no idea how these girls came to us but I think it was something way bigger than Charlie or me.  I love you sweet Tuff and I miss you so much.

 Dear Sweet Tuffy,

We miss you and think of you daily.

Christmas is approaching again. This our second year without you.

As you know Oliver just had his 10th birthday.  We are so happy to still

have our blue eyed boy. 

Love to you our sweet Tufster girl.  I hope you and Charly Bear are running

and playing together.


We miss you sweet Tuffy.  Your in our conversations all the time.  Life reminds us of how lucky we were to have had you for those 9 years.  We wish it were 19 years.






Helping Grandpa Jim

You watched over everybody young and old.  You were vigilant in your watch and care of anyone more vulnerable than you.  You kept your brother safe and we never worried when he was under your watchful eyes.



Georgia Mountains

I know you and Oliver would have left Florida and moved to the Georgia mountains in a heart beat.  That was one vacation you both hated to come home from.


The Thinker

Pondering life & giving us that PLEASE PET ME, look.

Tuffy & Oliver waiting patiently for some chips.

My sweet Tuffy Brazue you would be 16 years old if you were still with us today. We talk about you all the time and miss your sweet face our darling Tufster. How lucky we were to have you in our lives even though it was such a short time. Wherever you are our love follows. You are cherished and all the joy you gave us will always be remembered. 5/1/16 Oliver passed away in May of 2014 and I can hardly allow myself to think about his passing. I still dream about him. He was our darling blue eyed Baby Boy. He was shy of his 14th birthday. You know what a big boy your brother was. We were so lucky to have him with us that long. He had some weird disconnect between his spine and brain that caused him to fall over and made him fearful of the stairs. He kept wanting to stay outside and would scream from fear. It was horrible to hear and watch. We finally called Angels at the End and the vet who helped us with you and Charlie Bear helped Oliver and kept him comfortably at the end. Our love continues to follow you, Charly Bear, Oliver. You are our joy, love, perfection. We were so blessed to have had all of you in our lives. Love forever babies.


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