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I will never forget you Furby

Memorial created 05-4-2009 by
Cheryl Gatlin
May 3 2009


In loving memory of our Furby who we love so much. Furby will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. You have brought so much joy into our lives. I dont think that we could ever have loved or been loved by another this much. You are one of our children and will always me with us. I know that you are sleeping with the others at the bridge and most likely they are wondering why you are making all that noise. As for me tonight as you lay here, you are so quit not a peep is being made. How I long to hear that snoring of yours that keeps me awake at night. I will be thinking of you as you play around the bridge and please know that I will be there to meet u one day. And we will once again be together. I love you so much and its so hard to say goodby that I wont, just that I will be back soon. You play with your new friends and run and jump and enjoy all the grass and soon I will see you I promise. I love you booboos.

I love u mama


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