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Memorial created 05-6-2009 by
His Mommy Adrienne
Fluffy Erckert
June 1 1997 - May 3 2009

In loving memory of our Fluffy  who we love so much. Fluffy  will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

 Fluffy came into my Moms life in June of 1997 Her and her Husband we walking along the avenue in the rain and Fluffy was running in the middle of the street they were calling him and he jump right into my Moms husband's arms he was all raggedy and his hair was all knotted he was all dirty but that did not stop them from taking him home with them. My mom has asthma and allergies to animals but she took the chance and it was good Fluffy was a good match for her no dander short hair she never had a reaction to him.She felt kinda Bad because she thought someone was out there missing there baby. So she went and put up fliers all over the neighborhood but no one ever came forward so has time went on that became her baby and no one was taking him back from her she was in LOVE with him and that was it..

Fluffy was a great baby Loved attention Loved people always wanted to be played with. I already had my baby Socks (she is also here on critters) It was Love at first site when they met each other My Socks would sit and block the front door so that my mom would not leave the house with Fluffy..... My Socks Love Fluffy that was her buddy.

Fluffy was always healthy very full of Life always running around playing, jumping around and I know when we lost our SOCKS he would come here and look for her He must of wondered where is my pal my buddy MY BEST FRIEND.My mom brought him here alot it was like we shared him He love to be here with me he loved his SISTER

Then one day he was coughing my mom took him to the vet and they said his heart was a little  bit enlarged not to worry he would just have to take his medicine everything was good for awhile then the coughing started to get worse it had a wheezing sound with the cough so back to the vet he went and his heart had gotten larger and water was forming around the heart he had 2 echocardiograms done had to go on more meds then with in a few week you can see if was getting more tired harder to walk  then on Friday May 1st my mom called me and said Fluffy is not being himself so I ran there and I could see it was not good I convinced my mom to come sleep at my house so we all can be together GOD forbid something happened to him We decised not to take him to the hospital we knew there was nothing they could do we wanted to spend this time with him  and not had more stress to his heart .Around 2:30 am Sunday moring Mom decide I need to do something She rushed him to the Hospital and as soon AS they got there he passed away. My god did I cry so much I am just glad we got that time to be with him Hold him Hug him and tell him how much we LOVED HIM... I am sure My SOCKS was there at the RAINBOW BRIDGE TO GREET HER BEST FRIEND......... FLUFFY will be missed so much and in our hearts forever Both me and mom decided that there will be no more doggies for us because losing our FLUFFY and SOCKS was and is the HARDEST thing we have every had to deal with.... Thank you for letting me share our story with you



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