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Michelle Ahwal
July 8 1996 - May 7 2009

Our Beloved Cosmo


In loving memory of our Cosmo who we love so much. Cosmo will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.  Cosmo came into our family when he was 8 weeks old. When we were driving him home, he was crying, so I held him and told him "don't cry, I'm your new Mama!" As much love and affection he was given, he returned to us so much more.  He was never considered a "dog", he was a son, brother, grandson, cousin, nephew ect.. He understood everything, so smart, lovable, so human like.  He loved birthdays.  Not just his mind you. As soon as the lights were shut, and we stated to sing, Cosmo was the first at the table siting on the chair.  I had to hide his Christmas presents. Could not put them under the tree cause he would smell them and open them before Christmas!  Cosmo even  had his own pool along side our pool.  He loved his babies.  When I would come home, I would tell him I had a present and he would get so excited, he would put his head into the bag and pull out his "new baby".  Cosmo was "my boy" , he would get onto to couch, put his paws around my shoulder, give me kisses and then I would tell him "do nee na na ", and he would rest his head on my chest. The last year, Cosmos back legs were giving in.  Each month that went by, gotten worse, even with the medicine.  The past few months he was struggling. On May 7th, his legs gave in and he could no longer stand. The look on his face told also told me "I'm tired Mama".  I held his face and reassured him that it was OK and that I would see him again one day! RIP my  BABY COSMO! Mama loves you!



Our best friend

My Cosmo-- You brought great love and joy to my life.  I love and miss you so much. You brought us more than 12 years of love and joy.  You left all of us with fond memories that so many will cherish forever.


Cosmo with Brother Anthony & Cousin John

Cosmo loved the attention and here he is getting it from Anthony & John.  Cosmo was center of attraction from the first day we took him home.  John was saying how he remembered Cosmo always nibbling on his ears. 


Cosmo's birthday

Cosmo had a birthday celebration every year without a miss!  How great is that!  Presents and everything. Cosmo would either get a Carvel ice cream cake(Vanilla ice cream only),or a cake from the bakery.  He loved the Happy Birthday song.  I will always remember how excited birthdays made him.  Just look at his smile!


Cosmos memorial card

My Cosmo (Cheech), 

It's a week since you left us.  I have not taken your bowl, toys(babies) , or food away.  I think of you each and everday.  I am so heartbroken, I miss you so much!  I picked up your memorial candle and Jamie at LaBella made you up such beautiful cards, that I want everyone to see.  I love you baby Coz.  Love Mama.  Here is the inscription on the card:



                                             JULY 8, 1996 - MAY 7, 2009

                                   Sunlight streams through window pane

                                                To a place upon the floor                                              

                                          Cosmo it's where you used to lie,

                                               But you are there no more.

                                            A bark is heard along the road,

                                                       And up beyond the hill,

                                         Our Cosmo, I know it can't be yours,

                                                   Your loving voice is still.

                                         We see your place upon the floor,

                                                 And hear your silent bark,

                                        Cosmo, the dish you'll use no more,

                                                Your memory they will mark.

                                       Although, We miss you here below

                                             And think of you with love,

                                      Our Cosmo, We know the day will come

                                               When we will meet above.




My note to Coz

My Cosmo,                                          May 18, 2009

Today, was your brother Chris & sister Kimmy's second wedding anniversary.

I also went to Dr Jacobson's to pick up your ashes. It was very hard for me.  I felt like the day you left me. I cried all night.  I miss you so much Cheech! I have you home with me now.  Grandpa will set up the shelf and I will place you there with your beautiful candle, and the last baby Mama bought you.  Love and Miss you! Mama

I posted your picture with your NYPD hat.  Oh what a handsome boy.

Hi Cheech,  (May 26, 2009)

It was a cool May day today. Too cool for May though.  Just sitting here, looking up at your memorial and feeling OHHHH SO sadddd, and needed to write you.  This Thursday will be 3 weeks since your gone. It is so hard for me to come to terms with your lost.  I feel so empty inside and it's NOT getting better. Oh Coz, I miss you so so much. Your kisses, smile, wags of your tail, everything about you.  My heart is in a lot of pain and it's so heavy, it aches. I am sending you millions of kisses and hugs........I Love you Cheech!  Mama





Hey Cheech,

Mama was thinking about you all day today again.  I miss you and want you to know that. 


Please click the link below.  It will show how long it has been since I lost my dear baby Coz!then_year=2009&then_month=4&then_day=7&eventt=we+lost+our+beloved+Cosmo"



HI Cheech,

Nearly 40 days since you've been gone. The hurt still is so very fresh. Sometimes it's hard for me to visit your web site and I feel guilty, but not one day goes by that I don't think about you. I miss you dearly. Thanks again for bringing such happiness to my life.  I love you so much Coz.  Your birthday is coming up and it will be your first away from us.  This will surely be my next hurdle.  Always remember, Mama LOVES YOU!

Jackie turned 11 months today.  She is getting so big. I think she will be walking by her first birthday. She was looking at your picture this morning.  I wish she would have had the chance to enjoy you.

Cosmo.....You are in my thoughts, heart and prayers each and every day. 

Love, Mama  <3


Happy birthday Cosmo

My dear Baby Cosmo

Today is another hard day that I will have to make it through.  It is your 13th birthday and the first one without you here. Do you remember how mama would sing "Happy Birthday" weeks before your real day, and how excited you always were on "Your Day" when everyone sang and we had your cake and all the presents you got. These are all times I will treasure forever in my heart.  I miss you so much Coz, and hope you and all your friends from the rainbow bridge have a blast on your birthday.  Happy 1st birthday at the Rainbow Bridge.  Aunt Lori sent you a birthday candle and I will place it on your urn. I love you and miss you so very much.




Hi Baby Coz,

Today is the 14th of July already.  Did you have a good birthday with all your friends at the rainbow bridge? So many people wrote wishing you a happy birthday.  Friends and family you knew and family of your new friends at the Rainbow Bridge.  They are all so very nice so I am sure their furry friends are fun to be with.

A little update on family:  Gram had syrgery about 2 weeks ago.  She is home and feeling better day by day.  Can you believe Jackie will be celebrating her 1st birthday tomorrow?  She is getting so big.  She would have loved you so much.  She is having a big party on Saturday.

Two and a half months without you and the pain of your lost is still so hard.I think of you everyday. I miss you so much Coz. Love you forever,





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