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We will always miss you LadyBug Ryan Family

Memorial created 05-11-2009 by
Maria T Ryan
May 9 1996 - May 11 2009

In loving memory of our Lady who we love so much. Lady will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

My little girl was found in the streets and we took her in.  We didn't know what to name her but that night when she cried and I took her out my daughter said she is such a Lady and she stayed with that name.

Lady was raised with Kassi a GSD who passed away on May 1, 2007.  They were best friends, wherever Kassi went Lady was sure to follow. 

Lady and Kassi were nicknamed NJ Super Heroes.  We told stories to our little nephew how they went out at night to fight crime.  How Lady had a Lady Copter and Kassi sat next to her, of course Kassi's side was much bigger LOL.  The stories how they were called upon on 911 and then they both retired to Miami, Florida.

I just hope Kassi was waiting for you my Ladybug.  I don't want you to feel lonely. 

Please behave yourself and be a lady.

I will always love you my girl.






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