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Memorial created 05-16-2009 by
Lori Coker
One Oak Hill Tweed Conagher
April 0 2000 - May 0 2009

What a Beautiful face !

In loving memory of our One Oak Hill Tweed Conagher who we love so much. One Oak Hill Tweed Conagher will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Conagher was owned by Beth Kennelley and Kellie Hines. And will be greatly missed. Conagher has been leased to many different breeders and has beautiful sons and daughters all over the United States.

We would like show Conaghers life story by having you post if you have any of his progeny in you herd. Here at Bunker Babes Goat Farm we have several of Conagher's daughters and all of them have been very successful in the show ring...

So please post so we can track Conagher...


Lori Coker



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