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Memorial created 05-17-2009 by
Maya Purushothaman
May 6 2009

My Dearest Holly,

Four years ago, my darling , you were my brithday gift. A promise I made as child. I still remember when I brought you home, you were so timid. You followed me everywhere and I still remember like it was yesterday. That was the start of our journey together, My darling, mummy always knew that you were special gift that wasnt going to be us for a very long time. I remember  praying to you and God that you wouldnt leave us.



The greatest pain of losing you is the fact that I will never see you again, touch you, hear your cries of joy when we came home or watch you play with your sister. My heart is so heavy my love and so overwealmed with grief.



There are so many things I wish I could have done before you left us. Mostly, I wish I hugged you while you slept right before you died. All these regrets are a mask for my real sadness, I will never have another Holly dog in my life.



I will never forget you my beautiful, loving  holly girl .

May God be granting all your doggy wishes . Thank you so much for all your love , patience and the happiness you brought to our lives. Daddy and I are so grateful for our time together.

Goodybe my darling Holly girl.

forever yours

mum, dad and cindy


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