Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 05-28-2009 by
Jade and Graham
October 6 2004 - May 17 2009

Our Precious Angel Girl - Pumbie

In loving memory of our precious Pumba who we love so much. Pumba is greatly missed and will be in our hearts forever.

Pumbie was a gorgeous girl and brought so much joy to our lives .She was a mischevous little pup and rather independant.

She was 4 months old when her soulmate Mufasa was brought home.Mufasa was a few months younger than Pumbie (therefore, much smaller than she was at the time ) and when she came over to introduce herself he was so scared of her that he hid himself under the car!! But after a little persuasion he was lured out and well it was love from the first lick!! They grew up loving each other unconditionally.They did everything together ! Their favourite pastime was going to the beach and driving on the back of the bakkie.They loved the feel of the wind and warm sun on their faces.

Pumbie loved the water and when Graham used to throw a frisbee or toy she would always be the first one to run in to the ocean and stick her head under the water to fetch it. Also,when Graham would swim in the tidal pools Pumba would swim out to him and almost wrap her paws around his neck and hang on !!

We used to live on a farm and monkey familes would come and visit ! Pumbie and Mufasa used to run from tree to tree barking at them as though to say " Hey !  this is our pad - get your own ! "

At the end of last year -  after a few false alarms our happy couple were expecting their first puppies - Hence to say we were overjoyed !! 



Pumba with her soulmate Mufasa

And this is where the sad story begins ! 

It started with a negligent vet when she had her puppies -we had taken her to another vet early on the Sat morning and he told us we had another 72 hours to wait before the pups were born but we could see she was not happy and Graham insisted that she was in labour but the vet wouldn`t hear of it - he did an ultrasound etc. and sent us home..We asked him for his cell number in case of an emergency and he wouldnt give it to us - he told us to phone the other vet in the area!!!!!!
He just wanted to get home as they were closing - early on a sat...!

By the afternoon we could tell there was something wrong  and immediately Graham called the other vet - who told us not to worry we must wait 4 hours then call them back if nothing had happened.
So we waited but nothing did happen and Graham called them back , by now there was another vet on duty and she said bring Pumba straight away which we did..She did another ultrasound and told us she was going to c section immed. 
Pumbie had 13 pups and 11 didn`t survive   - we only managed to save  2.. Simba and Nala .She had an emergency c section which Graham and I had to help her with as  it was a Sat night and there was no staff  !!....She didn`t make the incision long enough to take out the uterus in order to deliver the pups so she ended up tearing the bag and the infected liquid was spilt in to Pumbas` stomach which is fatal for any animal!  

She handed us pup after pup but they were already gone (we tried to save them but it was to late )..She put the last 2 puppies straight  in to the bin saying they were also dead  but when Graham insisted on taking them out to check himself,they were still alive!!!!!!! She also told us that Nala would not make it and that she expected her to only breathe and die by the following day - Nala is now 4 months old and is thriving!!!!  

The pups that didnt make it were all perfect !!! but they had suffocated as the placenta had detached itself and had been infected...If the first vet that we saw that morning had done the c section then they would have still been alive!!!
He could tell that she was so big she could not have delivered those pups on her own!!
Anyhow, the vet that did the delivery was in a rush to get home as it was after 1 in the morning by the time she was done with the op..the 2 little pups were in the incubator and she just wanted to get rid of us so she could go home...
Pumba had to have a full hysterectomy and she could not have any more pups..
Then straight after this big op the vet just told us that we must take her home!!!!!!!!!!
She was in so much pain the poor girl!!! We brought her and the puppies home and nursed them all !! 

Anyhow ,Pumba seemed to recover well but then she developed an infection in her front shoulder and we took her back the vet- this time the chief vet saw her and said that it was a result of the infected liquid that ran in to her system during the birth that was causing the infection...
Pumba was put on antibiotics and they put a drain in the shoulder..
Then she was Ok for a while but had reoccuring ear infections and was on antibiotics almost permanently..

About a month ago she suddenly fell really ill - one day she was running in the garden playing with her pups and the next day she couldn`t even get up to go outside..she was really ill and had a temp..Graham took her straight to the vet once again and they told us she has HD - hip dysplacia!!!!  We were devasted !! They gave some meds and they told us that we should consider putting her down!!! We said no way !! Graham decided  to consult  with a specialist vet that he knows from when his family had a  farm in  Jo`burg....a week went by and Pumba did not improve...The farm vet said that it may just be an infection in the joint  and that they should flush the joint to get rid of the infection- So Graham who was not happy called the other vet and demanded to know why he had not flushed the joint - do you know what his response was ??? "well its a numbers problem "- he didn`t want to treat her nor flush the infection as he thought it would be to expensive !!!    
Graham was very angry with him and the vet replied  " OK  well bring her in and I will do it now "- after letting Pumba suffer for a whole week and letting the infection course through her body for so long suddenly now he wanted to do it !!!
They had also done Xrays and the vet told Graham that Pumba had the best hips he had seen in a boerboel of her age!!!!  
What if we believed him when he told us she had HD ?and had just put her down - she did not have HD at all - she just had an infection in the joint ..

Soon after she then  developed an eye infection and the eye started to protrude and she was in a lot of discomfort also the back legs were not getting any better despite the strong meds  - we had  to literally carry her outside and when she stood up you could hear the bones in the leg grating together... We took her back to the vet and they then decided to test for tickbite fever  ( they still have not given us this result )then they decided it may be cancer!!!!!!! They were just jumping from one guess to the next!
Every time we went we kept asking them is this not because of the problem at the birth - but they just wouldn`t listen...
Then on Sat morning (16 May ) Pumbie was very sick and could not eat..she was on strong meds and had to have sumthing in her stomach so Graham had to place the food in her throat...I gave her sum water and a few minutes later she vomited all of it up..
Graham phoned the vet and he told him to bring her in and it was so strange when he picked up the car keys to unlock the car and get it ready to load her ,Pumba got up by herself ( which she hadn`t  really been able to do ) and waited at the door for him - it was like she knew she was going and not coming back..that morning we were very emotional and shed a lot of tears - and she was so sweet when Graham was holding her she started  licking and licking his arms and hands as though to tell him that everything will be alright !!

Graham took her in and  he insisted that they put her on drips for the medication and drips for food - the vet said he heard a heart murmur while examining her and gave her something for it...Graham said stop sending her home - keep her here and fix her properly!!!
The vet called us that afternoon to tell us he found gas in her stomach thats why she was vomiting!!
Anyhow, he said he would keep her overnight and see how she was in the morning - He called us on Sunday morning at 8am to tell us " Sorry but Pumbas` heart failed during the night and she died"!!!

This has been a tragic time for  been for us aswell as Mufasa (our Male ).He was her soulmate and they grew up together - he can`t understand why she is not here and has cried and howled for her..He just wants sleep and cry ! - it has been heart breaking to watch.Every time one of us gets home he runs to the car to see if we brought her home and sniffs us to see if he can smell her !!
The vet did an autopsy and said that it was heart was wierd that when Graham got home that Sat after dropping her off he said to me that this vet had better not call and tell us that we have to put her down - we don`t believe she died of heart failure - we think that this vet put her down as he was worried about his account !!!

The only reason we used these vets is because we moved and our regular vet was to far away to take her as she was so sick..He just moved last week - closer to us and we didn`t know!!! We decided to call him as little Nala got sick last week and there was no way we are taking her here to these awful vets in our area!! ( she is right as rain now !! )
When Graham told him what happened  with the birth he told us that it is protocol to keep a dog at the premises and on a antibiotic drip for a minimum of 3 days if a dog went through what Pumba went through with the birth - he told us that the vet should never have sent her home - and she probably would be here with us today if she followed procedure!!!!!!!!!!!   
We have been looking after Pumba all this time  during her illness and are devasted at losing her..Our pooches are our life - They are our children,our companions,our friends, our family...


Pumbie,Mufasa and their 2 babies Simba and Nala

During the few months that Pumba spent with her 2 puppies - Simba ( our brave little man ) and Nala ( our gorgeous little girl that reminds us so much of her mommy ) we were able to share her first attempt at motherhood ! And what a good mommy she was!! We were so proud of her ! Our Pumbie Girl ! 

Pumba was such a loving girl...she loved attention and to be tickled ,hugged and stroked.. and she loved to make us proud!!!



We are so sad that you were in so much pain during those last days you were with us.You didn`t deserve it ! - we felt so helpless that everything we were trying to do to help you was just not working.. we are so glad that you do not have that pain anymore..... 
We went to fetch you on the  Sunday morning after you left us to go to heaven and  Dad decided to take you for one final drive in the bakkie ( you so loved going for rides !) Dad drove around for hours searching for the perfect spot that was to be  "Pumbies Place " He found the most amazing spot for you - overlooking the ocean that you loved so much.It is so peaceful and quiet and he knew that it was the perfect place for you to rest. We chose photos of Dad and I ,You with Mufasa and your 2 babies and placed them next to you in your grave so you wouldn`t be alone... 

Pums you will always be alive in our memories and in our carved a very special place for yourself deep within our souls and we will carry you with us forever...

Thank you for leaving us your most precious gifts  -  your 2 miracle babies Simba and Nala. We see you in their eyes everyday,, your Little Nala looks so much like you and even has the same mannerisms that you had...and little Simba is a miniature version of  Mufasa !! You would be so proud of them..!

Your man Mufasa is missing you  terribly and looks for you all the time but we know that you are with him in spirit and that you are waiting for him until you both meet up with each other again !! He loves you so much Pumbie girl and there is such an empty hole in his heart...and ours !

I can`t tell you how much your Dad misses you !! He is trying so hard to make it better for Mufasa and it hurts to see how lonely they both are without you.We have put your pictures up in places where we can see you and talk to you everyday ! 

Thank you for always showering us with your love !!

I can still see you running in the garden and I still hear your bark !! I can still feel you nudging your head against my arm looking for a hug and a scratch!! We still feel and see you everywhere - you touched our lives and  we will always love you !!!!!!!


Love Dad and Jade






Little Simba and Nala - Pumbas` babies



 These are our 2 " Gorgeouses " as we love to call them. Pumbies babies !!!!


Pumbie with her Dad Graham

Pumbie with her Dad Graham  - they were crazy about each other xxxx




 Our Special Girl -

So proud and brave until the end xxxx 



When you left, ... 

They say memories are golden well maybe that is true. But we never wanted memories, we only wanted you. A million times we needed you, a million times we cried. If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died. In life we loved you dearly, In death we love you still. In our hearts you hold a place no one could ever fill. If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane, we'd walk the path to heaven and bring you back again. Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same. But as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again...

 ~Author Unknown

Until we meet again our precious Pumbie Girl.....







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