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Memorial created 06-12-2009 by
Mary Ruggles
April 0 1996 - June 9 2009

In loving memory of Beauregard "Beau" Squeaky Ruggles.  He gave us 13 years of love, laughter, happiness, and many stories!


Beau was born just a block away from our house in April of 1996.  His mother was a Red Doberman and his Father a Catahoula Leopard Dog.  Of course he was the only pup of the litter who had the characteristic spots of the Catahoula!  He would continue to be unique!

Beau had lots of personality and many quirks!  Our favorite was his smile...he would pull back his lips and smile when he was excited or happy.  Sometimes he would smile so much he'd make himself sneeze! He would always greet us with that smile when we returned home. 

Beau was a creature of many odd habits.  The funniest was how he would back into certain rooms.  Instead of just walking in he would turn around and back himself into certain area's of the house.  We alway's joked that he needed a warning beep like big trucks use when they back up.

He hated hard floors as he could never get traction.  As our house became more tile and wood with less and less carpet he started planning his routes. He would often go from throw carpet to carpet to get around. 

When he was young and we'd take him to the Vet he would refuse to walk across the tiled floor.  Our Vet would have to come out and pick him up and carry him to an exam room! 

He was addicted to squeak toys and loved to be chased around the house while holding his favorite squeak.  He would never retrieve anything, but always wanted to be chased!

Another favorite game was stalking.  We would hide behind something and make noise.  Beau would stand real still and then creep or stalk toward us until he was close enough to see you then he would play growl and charge!

He loved his Kong and we had a ritual every morning where I would give him his treat filled Kong right before I left for work. He was an expert at getting the treats out.  However, he would sometimes give up and then drop the kong in my lap and look at me as if to say, "Ok, now I need some help"  I'd break or loosen the treats and give then give the kong back to him. 

He had many sleeping spots around the house.  At night he'd always start out in our daughter's room.  Sometimes he'd move to our room in the middle of the night, but he almost always ended up on his bed by the front windows of our house.


There are so many things we miss already.  Each of us had our own special routines and bonds with Beau. He was somewhat of a Mama's boy and was my constant shadow.  He'd even lay outside the shower when I got ready in the morning. I miss his presence terribly.  Beau was always the first to greet my husband when he'd return from a business trip. They also bonded over food, and Beau was his constant companion at the grill!  For my daughter, Beau was like a sibling as they are a year apart and basically grew up together.


He made an impression on all that he met, and will always be a part of our family.






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