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Memorial created 06-25-2009 by
Dawn Mitchell
Mojo Mitchell
March 16 1991 - June 25 2009


In loving memory of our Mojo Mitchell who we love so much. Mojo Mitchell will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.  We were by his side as he left us at 6:18am.

Mojo was a happy and determined kitty that often believed he was a dog.  He played fetch, liked digging in water, and had a great easy going temperament.  Although he was getting up in years, he always had patience with the visiting doggies and grandkids.

We will miss his "talking" as he so clearly could meow "I love you" and "water" when he was thirsty--choosing only to drink out of a running tap.  Mojo never missed acknowledging us when we entered a room with a hearty meow and just as heartily answered when he was called. 

He loved a good crunchy potato chip or corn chip.  Adored mushrooms, olives, and peas.  Not to mention the ocassional Fig Newton! 

Goodbye old friend.  We love you.




July 25, 2009

After one month today, we still expect to see him trotting into the kitchen for treats.  Funny how "brother" Sammy will pause when we shake the treat bag and look down the hall to see if Mojo is coming for his share of the goodies, too.  Still miss you buddy!!


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