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Memorial created 09-18-2009 by
Sara Joiner Eubanks
Maggie May
April 3 2000 - October 6 2007

Maggie May, 2005 - doesn't she have a pretty smile!

In loving memory of our Maggie May, whom we love so much. She is greatly missed and will be in our hearts forever. Maggie was my soulmate and the dog of my heart. She always knew my moods and was always there for me. The love was ALWAYS shining through her eyes. What a special baby girl! Sleep on, sweet Mags; I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge. Take care of Scooter until I get there.


"The pain was so great because the joy before it was even greater."       --  Dean Koontz, from A Big Little Life, A Memoir of a Joyful Dog

"Dogs live most of life in Quiet Heart. Humans live mostly next door in Desperate Heart. Now and then will do you good to live in our zip code."       --  Trixie Koontz, from Bliss to You

Borrowed from Lewis Grizzard's column when his dog, Catfish, died:

"Oh, that face and those eyes. What he could do to me with that face and those eyes. He would perch himself next to me on the sofa in the living room and look at me.

And love and loyalty would pour out with that look, and as long as I had that, there was very little the human race could do to harm my self-esteem.

Good dogs don't love bad people.

He was smart. He was fun. And he loved to ride in cars. There were times he was all that I had.

And now he has up and died. My own heart, or what is left of it, is breaking."



This cartoon by AJC's Mike Luckovich shows Lewis Grizzard being greeted by his dog, Catfish, at the entrance to heaven.

And that's how I feel about my Maggie.


If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.



Our precious baby with such a big and loving heart - 2006
Maggie and her Daddy snuggling
ANOTHER picture? Gee, Mom, a girl could get tired of this, you know!

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