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Memorial created 12-7-2009 by
Scott & Dagmar Kessler
April 18 2000 - November 27 2009



And you, PALADIN, were the best My cherished and most loyal friend Who filled my life with happiness From the very day I brought you home You took hold upon my heart You filled my life with laughter and smiles A joyful blessing from the start And as treasured gifts mean more throughout time You grew more precious to me with age These years of experiencing life with you brought me more joy than I can explain Your eyes were mirrors straight to your soul that was so loyal and true and kind You could look at me sitting close and still and I knew you could read my mind And when I had bad never went far You supported me throughout the day And when times were good...what excitement you'd spread in your playful and loving way! PALADIN, you are part of my family And I'll miss you with deepest grief Only a hope of seeing you again Brings my heart some measure of peace Yet knowing the devoted spirit in you I can trust that you will be..."

WE MISS YOU......................


In loving memory of our Paladin who we love so much.

Paladin will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.



Paladin in the yard

PALADIN, our first Great Dane, left us on Black Friday. He had cancer in his head since August of 2009. The cancer spread so quickly, it was unbelievable. He had lost so much weight and was blind on one eye (the tumor had pushed the eye in his head). On Thanksgiving Day he started to bleed extremely from his nose. He had problems breathing. We tried to make him as comfortable as possible.

We feed him turkey that night, on the couch, by hand.

He loved it.

On Friday morning he was bleeding so profusely from his eye, it was clear, something had ruptured in his head. Our sons, Cedrik and Christofer cam down stairs and said good bye. We called our vet. We knew, there was only one thing we could due for him.

Our baby passed away at 9:30 am.


Now you and CRUSADER can play together again.

I know, he waited for you at the

Rainbow Bridge.



Summer on the porch
Paladin & Graf garding the porch
Tug of War
Camping 4th July 09
I love water
Graf misses you sssssoooo much

Paladin, you were such a joy in our lives. We miss you!!!!!!


Now Paladin and Crusader are back together again..............

Playing together without pain, having fun........we will see you guys again.

Wait for us at the Rain Bow Bridge.........We love you


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Paladin, Mom & Graf
Goofy Boy
Paladin Loved the Outdoors

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