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Memorial created 12-11-2009 by
Laurie Peil
April 8 1992 - December 3 2009

In loving memory of our Skitz who we love so much. He was with us for over 17 years, a long and wonderful life (for him and us). He was truly an amazing companion.  He loved us and made sure we knew it. If anyone felt sick or sad, he made sure he was on our lap letting us know that he was there for us.

The first time I met Skitz (he was 3) was shortly after meeting my husband to be (Joe). A few months later, I watched Skitz for a couple of days during Christmas.  On Christmas Eve, I was talking with Joe on the phone when out of the blue, Skitz ran into the room and then jumped to the very top of the doorway. This maine coon  had energy and full of surprises. I think this is why Joe named him Skitz (short for skitzophrenic). He stole my heart right then and there!

Skitz also loved the other animals. Basically when our families got together (married) there were eventually 5 cats and one dog.  The man (Skitz), governed them all without even batting an eye.  He was king, but very modest about it. 

Skitz was Joe's best friend, he was with him through thick and thin. Traveled from Arizona to Indiana and was always dressed for the occasion.

We will miss you so very much, but know that you are at peace. And smile knowing that you are visiting both of our father's up there, keeping them company until we all meet once again.


Skitz and food...

Skitz loved to be with us at the dinner table (or any meal). And he loved to put his feet on the table insisting he have a taste.

Skitz waiting for just a little more food.
Skitz liked the new train as much as our daughter!
Skitz loved to snuggle.
And loved to be snuggled.
Skitz with a kid's toy.. he was tolerant til the end.
Christmas wiped him out!
He loved our dear daughter.
And he loved our dear son.
And we all adored him.. we miss you!

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