Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 01-24-2010 by
Brian Piaquadio
March 24 2009 - January 22 2010

Smoofy Loved the Snow

In loving memory of our Smoofy who we love so much. Smoofy will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.








My Smoo-Pot, Smoo-face, my little Smoo-me-moo

What drew you in the road today

Then took you far away

Did you know I was here for you?

Did you know how much I cared?

I don’t know what made you stray today

But alone here I must stay


I called for you, heard your collar then a sound I dismay

Oh no, no, no, I cried as the wind and door swayed

I rushed to you on the road where your little body lay

Panic filled my chest as I held you in my arms and prayed


I knew in that moment you were gone Smoo

Did you know I was here?


Could you feel my frightened tears as they fell across your face?

Did you hear the panic in my voice as I pleaded you to stay?

All the pleading in the world could not keep you here today

How could this be happening so soon and in this way?


My constant companion, my baby girl, my Smoofy, my friend

I hate your life ends today

Especially this way

Apart we now are but my love with you will stay

Goodnight my angel, my Smoofy, , my best friend


I pray your spirit stays with me until my bitter end

Someday we will be together

To laugh, play and hold you once again

Goodbye my little angel, my Smoofy, my friend



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