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Memorial created 01-29-2010 by
Deb Larsen
March 18 1994 - January 23 2010


In loving memory of our Sandi who we love so much. Sandi will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.  She was almost 16 years old when we had her euthanized on January 23 because she was in acute kidney failure and was depressed and shutting down.  We got her in 1995 when our son was five years old and she was approximately 10 months old.  They grew up together.  There will never be another Sandi.  She was one of a kind.  We love her and miss her and think of her every day.  Rest in peace, dear sweet Sandi, and play hard at the Rainbow bridge........


Here she was after getting her annual summer haircut.  She looked like a totally different dog after she got her hair cut.  But it was so much cooler for her in the summertime.  She always came home with a scarf or bows---all spiffed up!


Another view of her after her haircut.  She was such a beautiful girl with long hair in the winter and short hair in the summer..... She had to show off her side views, too.....


She always seemed so proud of her "new looks" after she got her haircut, and neck scarf or bows.  She was such a happy girl, and seemed to know that the haircut meant good, fun times in warm weather.......... Here she is on our front porch step showing off her new haircut.


Sandi is looking towards the next page, where there are more pictures of her with her long, beautiful hair, before her annual summer haircuts.   We named her Sandi because of the color of her hair--a mixture of colors often found in sand.  It seemed to fit her perfectly.  Please check out the photos on the next page..........


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