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Memorial created 02-17-2010 by
Roni Young
Makoa - Kealoha
March 3 2002 - February 8 2010

In loving memory of my son Makoa - Kealoha who I loved more than anything else in this world. Makoa you will be greatly missed and be in my heart always and forever.  I love you my baby boy.


My Baby-Boy Makoa - Kealoha,

There are no words to described what you meant to me in my life. I loved and adored everything you have ever did from the way you walked, ate, rolled around and especially the way you slept like an angel.
The way you tilted your head when I spoke to you.
The way you would touch me with your paw to grab my attention. How you would always try to sit on my lap.  Especially the way you would lay your head on my shoulder. Your soft silky fur and your cuddly, warm hugs and the way you smelled after your bath so sweet .
My heart has been ripped from my chest.
  My grief is unbearable and I don't know how I will overcome my sadness and longing for you.
You were the one who taught me what unconditional love really meant.
There are no words I can really say to express what you have meant to me.
My love and heart is with you and I will mourn you for the rest of my life. Until we can be together again I will think of you and all the joy you brought to me.
And I will love you no less as time passes only more.
with all my heart and love,
your momma


I love you oh sooooooooo much

They say memories are golden
well maybe that is true
I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you.

A million times I needed you,
a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill.

If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
I'd walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again.


There's no love like Makoa's love.


Why must I grieve silently,

When my heart is so loudly screaming?

The emptiness I feel is consuming me,

Oh God, how I wish I were dreaming.

The silence around me is deafening,

For nobody knows what to say,

To comfort this agony I'm feeling,

Since my son went away.

And each day the sun continues to rise,

And the earth is still turning,

Though my world has come to a screeching halt,

No one can ease my yearning.

For a part of me has vanished,

And a part of my heart has died,

And no one can hear my heartache,

Or feel the turmoil I carry inside.

And I'll go on grieving silently,

And exist on a different plane,

And I'll keep my love for Makoa deep in my heart,

Until we see each other again.


~ Author Unknown ~


My handsome handsome baby boy mommie misses you more than you could know.

Happy Birthday My Angel

My Sweet Baby-Boy,  I miss you everyday of  my life
The pain has not gotten any better yet  everyday I wake up and I miss you and all the things we did together
I get so mad at myself because I feel like I failed you I should have been able to save you somehow

then I get mad at you for leaving we had a deal remember 

you were supposed to stay alot longer remember
then I just get mad at myself again what could I have done diffrently how could I have saved you I wish I could have given you my heart

I still cant believe your not here with me you belong with me
I love you my son

My Makoa Kealoha

I Love you always  your Mommie




 My dearest Makoa,

One more holiday without you here.  My heart still broken and the pain is still so deep.  I know your at peace and doing something important.  tomorrow is my birthday and there's only one gift in the world I would ever want.  You my big boy I love you always.





I can't believe it's your second angelversary.  I still miss you so very much.  I think about you everyday son.  my pain is still so unbearable.  but I know someday we will be together again.  All I can do is wait.  All my love to you son.  


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