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September 21 1992 - February 21 2010

I will add more text as I see fit. It's only been a week and the pain is still raw and it's way too quiet over here. 03/02/2010

Here goes:

I smuggled Boogie back to my dorm in 1992. I bought him on a whim from a sleazy mall pet store. Little did I know just what Fate had in store for me.

Initially, I named him Oscar, but for some reason Boogie stuck in my head. He always seemed to be getting into trouble. He hopped around on my desk while mouthing paperclips or in front of my mirror and made LOTS OF NOISE.

Since we were forbidden to have pets on campus (except fish), I was breaking a rule and ever wary of being caught- and I was! Fortunately, the person who caught me, another student, promised not to tell. I was still wary and brought Boogie home on Fall Break. Interestingly enough, this same student spent her senior year carrying a small dog around in a suitcase.

But back to Boogie.

I brought him home in a small cardboard box on my lap and was deathly afraid of being discovered since I was getting a ride from a friend. Boogie could not contain himself and his first peeps I tried to disguise by moving around in my seat. Eventually we were found out, but the driver didn't care, so we were home free!

Boogie settled in very well with my other cockatiel, Nerd. Apparently, they would stroll down the hallway (unsupervised!!!), in front of the cat AND the dogs while I was in college. My Mom seemed to have no problem with this and I didn't find out until YEARS later. Fate had better ideas than letting Boogie or Nerd be devoured by hungry mammals.

He went to grad school! After graduating from college, I pursued a Master's degree in Physics. Boogie and Nerd accompanied me to Indiana. This is the first (and last) time that Boogie walked in the snow (which is another story in itself). The two cockatiels were joined by two more (Cutie and Nutball).

*add snow story

I eventually left grad school (despite my 3.7 GPA) moved in my with my boyfriend and was miserable. The birds were always there- always providing unconditional love.

The first time this boyfriend left me was after Nerd died. She had cancer and only lived to be 9 years old. Unfortunately, Nutball died soon after by eatting something she shouldn't have. I decided to go back to grad school and brought Boogie and Cutie with me. I got my Master's in Physics and made the mistake of marrying the boyfriend who was obviously not healthy for me at all.

After marrying this same boyfriend and eventually getting divorced, Boogie was always there for me and helped me get through some incredibly rough times. He always had a twinkle in his eye, a chirp for me and was constantly demanding head rubs.

Boog loved getting his head rubbed and would sometimes nip if I didn't do it "right." He was hand AND foot trained. If he landed on the floor, he would walk over to my foot, climb on and patiently wait until he was deposited on a shoulder.

He had other odd behaviors. One involved talking to his foot. He would hold his foot out (usually his left), look at it and talk to it. It was the strangest thing and every time he did it I'd laugh just from the silliness of it all.

This bird learned to fly to me on command (I still do not know how I pulled that off) in his last year of life. According to my current (and much nicer) boyfriend, Boogie waited for me to come home from work and would peep excitedly when he heard the garage door open. I also learned that when my boyfriend came home and Boogie heard him (thinking that it was me), that he'd sulk when bf opened the door and not me.

Poor Boogie died from what was probably a seizure/stroke or a bad liver (according to the vet). I tried everything I could to help him and stayed up with him the entire night jus watching and waiting. Unfortunately, he died at about 7:30 in the morning- roughly 12 hours after this all started. He was fine earlier in the day, then it just hit him. He died in my hands. I was there for him and I hope he knows that. I've never had such a strong bond with an animal before in my life. I know that no animal could ever replace him.

Boogie always greeted me when I came into the room. He'd call for me when I was in different parts of the house. We were part of the same flock. It's so quiet now. I'm used to his morning serenades. I never realized just how much noise this tiny bird made...until now. I miss him terribly. It took me a week just to work up the courage to have him cremated yesterday. Even though I knew his body was lifeless, I felt bad that he was in the cold freezer.

Boogie, I miss you so much my feathered son.


Boogiliah was a Bullfrog.



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eatting seed, popcorn, anything on my plate.

getting head rubs.

sitting on my shoulder.




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