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Memorial created 03-1-2010 by
Richard Cothran
November 18 1994 - March 1 2010

Smiling Little Snuffy Girl

This precious little girl's name is Snuffy. Snuffy was my next door neighbor's girl. By next door neighbor, I mean that I lived on one side of her for twelve years. Then I moved to the house on the other side of her for the last, almost, year. I saw her, petted her, talked to her, sat with her outside in the yard and played with her, and payed her attention often. And I loved her. The past year, I went to her pen and greeted her, and her brother Jake, with "good mornin' boys and girls" and "I love you two buddies" wishes every morning. I told them "nite-nite" every evening. "Snub" had turned sixteen years old. Her hearing almost completely gone, her vision greatly diminished, her little hind quarters racked by arthritis, and her kidneys failing, she Always made her way from the back of her pen, in her burrowed out "nest" in her pine needles, up to the front to greet me as she focused on me coming her way. Her little tail would Always be swinging and she had, at least I want to believe, a smile on her face as she made her way to get her sweet little soft head rubbed. I'd say, "come on Snub, I'll wait on you." And I always did. I'll miss you Snuffy. You were always a ray of sunshine in my life, even on the coldest, dullest, and darkest of days. Thank you for being a good friend to my Dollie Gurl, my brother's boy, Snowball, and especially to my little boy, Zeb. He loved you, Snuffy White. And so did I. So did I! .. ;(

Rest Well Snuffy. You Are Loved, Sweet Girl.
Zeb and Jake, Snuffy's brother, being the two monkeys that they are.. ;)
One sweet, sweet little girl.
Snuffy's brother and my good friend, Mr. Jake, and me

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