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Gus of Leatherwood
1997 - March 1 2010

Always wagged his tail - and, loved to be with the children fishing :)

In loving memory of our Gus of Leatherwood whom we love so much. Gus will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Dear Leatherwood Neighbors:

It is with great sadness that we write this note.

Gus left us for doggie heaven this morning.

Although it was very difficult for us to part with him his health had deteriorated rapidly in the last few weeks. 

His passing was peaceful and Parker and I were with him.  His resting place is in front of the tree house on Old Mansford Rd.

We will be placing a small marker at his grave site in the near future and some plants.

We don't exactly know how his little buddy Blackie will behave or mourn him but when you see him next we hope you will have a kind word or pat on the head for him. 

If anyone has any Gus stories or pictures, we hope you will share them with us. 

Laura Huddleston and I are looking for a website that we can post these to.


Susan and Parker Sherrill




The moon shining brightly on Gus; his last night with us at Leatherwood; we love you Gus - you will


It was truly a gift for me and Bill to walk with our dogs, and give Gus a last hug the night before he went to Heaven.  It was a beautiful night, with a full moon, and he truly looked at Peace.  We, as well as our children, are grateful for the times we had with Gus, and the smiles he put on all our faces.  We are grateful he is resting in peace, and he will forever be in our hearts.

We love you Gus,

The Huddlestons'


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