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Memorial created 03-2-2010 by
Bob & Francy Lindenmuth
May 7 1998 - March 1 2010

Buddy relaxing with his friends!


 Almost ten years ago, your Aunt Lynn introduced you to us.  She knew that once we met you, we would love you and we sure did!


You came to us in May of 2000, and stayed with us until it was time to say goodbye.  During our time together, you brought so much love into our lives.  You were God's gift to us right from the start.


A good example of just what kind of boy you were is how you helped the two grandma's in your life.  First, how you stayed by the one's side when she was so sick, and how you were such a faithful companion to the other so she wasn't alone.


Already we miss you so much, but rather than dwell on that, we are going to try to spend time thinking about the happy times we had with you and how fortunate we were to have you here with us!


You were always there to greet me in the morning when I came downstairs, that is unless you got tired of waiting and came up to get me.


You were always right at the front door to meet us when we came home.  We looked forward to that.  Boy, are we gonna miss that!


Then, of course, there were the other important people in your life that loved you, too.  Your Aunt Linda always looked forward to us going away, so she could spoil you rotten!  Your Aunt Stacy is here right now helping me to get your story together (Hey, Bud-Bud, I will love and miss you, furry-ever!).  Your Aunt Ann loved you, too.  She always liked to come visit you and give you lots of kisses!


Everybody loved you, Buddy-Boo!  You were just that kind of special boy!  Thank you for being you and thank you for sharing You with us!



We will always love you and we will never forget you!


Mommy & Daddy


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