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Memorial created 09-22-2006 by
Denise Ramsey
March 6 1991 - July 6 2006

March 06 1991 to July 06 2006


my soulmate - you taught me so much, you gave me so much. You inspired a wicked sense of humour in me to create "Morgan's Mutterings" for the Border Collie Rescue Newsletter. You watched with disdain as yet another foster dog trooped in - they knew their place. March 2007 - I will be returning to do Border Collie Rescue within the next few months. I will miss your guidance but know you will be right next to me in spirit, strength and wisdom. Wish me luck Morgs!

October 2008 - Oops - that plan didn't quite work out Morgs, but 2009 will definitely be our new direction. We have acquired a greyhound/Border Collie Cross who is now 1 yo and 5 months and he sees into my soul just the same (almost) way as you did.  



May 2009

It is 10 days to Master Flyn's second birthday and to pre-celebrate he wrecked a couch yesterday. I can see you gasping "What! - nearly two and he still wrecks????" I did read that his type of breed (lurcher) may be slow to mature (due to the greyhound bit) but this is ghastly !!!!!!!

My mantra is now: positive reinforcement does work, positive reinforcement does.......... 


March 2010

Ghita and Amy are with you now. 


October 2011

Kai is the absolutel epitome of you, Morgan and Suzie - love you all so much as my heart breaks thinking of our life together. 


 January 2012 - we have been blessed with a six week old feral kitten called Flush - plan to change his/her name soon! 

Think of you all - Dearest Morgan, Suzie, Ghita, Amy, Jason, Travis 

love from Flyn - 

Tristan - 

Jessie - 

Kai - 

Jake - 

Jolie - 

Gingko - 

and Moi - 



 Hi Morgs - 2 days to your birthday and I still love you so much. I miss your wisdom.

Hi Ghita - Kai is so much like you - she has that funny walk on lead....she has the turn on a tickey recall...she has your stature (thank god not your attitude ).  You were an agility star - she is training up for working trials.

Hi Suzie Q - What a dog in a million you were. Miss your humour.



 Monday 05 March 2012

Dearest Morgan - you would have been 21 tomorrow!  Today was my Mom's 5th Angelversary and although I no longer have any proper family on this earth, I have the memories of you, Suzie, Ghita, Amy, Jason and Travis (and all those who went before - the foster Jo-Jo who I had to help to Heaven, the unwanted oldie Mischka who I had to help to Heaven) and so many more - you were ,and are, all my family and share a part of my soul.

My Suzie Q - when I had the armed robbery and was beaten over and over, you stayed at my side. You knew better not to attack those half-lives and strangely enough, they left you alone. I thank you for your dedication and love. 

Love you all 



Jake and ex-feral Flash

29 August 2012

Hi Guys - had to help Jake make the journey to Heaven today. My 17 yo kat who I had from an 8 week old feral. My heart and my soul are crying. Godspeed Jake my Man. 


31 August 2012 - Your "surrogate grandson" of 8 months is missing you terribly. Flash has quietened down so much since you are gone

01 September 2012 - Making sandwiches for tomorrow's show - Up at 4 am (aaaarrrrgggghhhh) to get to Heidelberg by 7am for Kai's Working Trials competition. Flash kept licking the butter off the sarmies. My conundrum is: Do I tell my pal Christine (who is giving us a ride)  that her blue cheese and fig sandwich was tested for quality......or not.........

Jooks - miss you so much. Your presence will never be forgotten. 



had to help Tristan to RB on Sat 02 March 2013 - he had stage 3 renal failure. What a wonderful little man who captured my soul. Run free Tristan.


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