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Memorial created 03-14-2010 by
Evelyn Soo
March 13 2002 - February 17 2010

It was a warm Saturday afternoon in July 2002, Daniel & I walked into a pet shop with no intention of getting a dog.  We were greeted by a schnauzer whom we thought was the shop owner's dog.  We started chatting with the shop owner and realized he was one of the pup that was put up for sale.  It was love at first sight...he was different...slightly bigger in size but was suffering from canine cough at that time.  After some thoughts, we decided to bring this little fella home.


We decided to name him "SUMO" as he was slightly bigger than those miniature schnauzer we saw.  He was weighing 7kg (about 15 lbs) at 4 months old.  After several vet visits, we got rid of his canine cough.  It was the most exciting part of my life ...  there were so many fun moments ... 


We decided to add another dog to the family after 3 years.  In 2005, we got our 2nd miniature schnauzer, COLA.  They got along very well...Sumo was very patient with his baby sister.  He would give in to her when she misbehaved or snatches his treats/food...  Sumo was such a close figure to her....she follows wherever Sumo goes.  They were never a day separated...24 by 7, Sumo and Cola always together.


There were moments they would play rough...chasing each other in the house.   I really missed those moments.  


Cola loves sniffing and kissing her big brother   


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