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Memorial created 03-15-2010 by
Leanne Townsend-Cerame
August 28 1998 - March 12 2010 captured my heart from the first day I met you.  I knew we belonged together when you trampled your littermates to get to me to chew on my shoestrings.  You were so tiny when you came home that you fit into the pocket of Sissy's Starter jacket.  You charmed your way into many people's lives--everyone that knew you loved you.

As a puppy, I could not help but smile when I saw your sparkling eyes, heard your baying bark, and watched that tail spin in circles.  When someone visited, you would get so excited that you would zoom through the house jumping from furniture to furniture until you went airborne from the back of the loveseat.  You definitely brought laughter and joy to our lives.

In 2007, I thought I was close to losing you after you experienced neurological damage because of a pinched vertebrae in your neck.  But, God gave us a miracle through the hands of the vets at the UGA Veterinary Hospital and healed you.  Even though you experienced some residual weakness in one of your front legs, you didn't let that stop you from enjoying your life with your (human) family.  Although you willed yourself to stay with us after your bout with pneumonia this past December, I could no longer stand to see you the pain in your eyes caused by your failing body.  When we heard that your kidneys were failing, we knew that we knew had to let you go to a place where you be without pain and feel your youth again.

Naps and bedtime will no longer be the same without your warm body next to my legs.  I've lost my "velcro" buddy but I know that I will one day see you again.

You will always have a special place in my heart.  You were one-of-a-kind and will be dearly missed by Daddy and me.



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