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December 5 1996 - March 17 2009

In loving memory of our prince who we love so much. Prince will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

 prince  was diagnosed with  bone cancer in the year 2008 august, he lived a bonus  on his life   prince was a  faithfull and loving lad  who had  spent many trips to the local vets  through his later years/

 he will sadly mised in this life, prince was over 12 years old but he did not loose his life with old age,

at christmas  prince had made an alround trip to visit our family but this was his last christmas that he would say goodbye, he walked proudly  with honour  and determination to go on in his strife ,

we know that this would be his last visit,

  we will always remember our loving prince who proudly walked thems years by oursides, he walked on to his other life leaving behind his loving memories we hold dearly in our hearts,

he is a bridgekid in heaven with all the furchildren  

the bridge joins hearts forever



prince he strive on,  a determined soul

 but he was still  a shepherd in his own way guarding his domain

 he was loyal to the end

 and no other could ever replace his devotion in this life he gave to others



     prince, he was such a handsome boy he became very close and affectionate

he loved his toys i believe that prince is happy in his other life he gave us many wonderful yrs of joy and happiness and throughout christmas he was a special gift a wonderful little soul we cherish his memorie hes a december boy




   In august he had  been diagnosed 


 It  was sunny day, he sat there contented enjoying  the warm sunshine  this was his last  summer  he spent, im sure that he knew,

he was intellgent and brave to the last.

 such a courages lad, time seemed to drift towards his later days as he walked slowly out of this life to his destiny  which he had fulfilled in this life.

 he was put to rest on the 17th march, 2009 

It had been a long winter,

 I believe his soul was reborn to a heavenly life.

Dear prince, we will meet one day over the rainbow,

 you are a bridgekid in heaven and your now free,

  love prince from all us who cherish you, forever

love from

  andrew and steph  xxx



I loved my toys

     at christmas time i used to get pressie ,s from all the family and my toys were under the tree

for christmas

 I was born on 6th december, so i guess I loved the snow ,

 memories will live forever of dear prince



prince when he was older, he ocassionally loved to be covered up.

He loved his comfort


we had so many wonderful memories of our dear prince, he will always be remembered in this life , a couragous boy we spent many wonderful years with him and through thick and thin we came a long way together.




prince in his later years


prince on his quilt

we slept downstairs with him as he had bone cancer and chronic atheritus, he was on numerous pain killers but we kept him going as long as we could we bought him time, 

and time went by and march 17th came 11-40 he passed over to another life where he was free and happy,

we knew we tried to do our best but there comes a time in life where you cant be too greedy in this life,

we wanted him to stay

 but in our hearts, we knew it would be kind to let him go,

we will  remember prince and his christmas toys will always be under our christmas tree where he would be.

he was cremated 

and he is in our garden, no matter where prince is,

all the furchildren go to the same place.

In rainbow heaven

 love from princes family

andrew and steph xxxx time may mend a broken heart, 



 but memorie will live on forever  in our hearts.


down memory lane prince will be, his journey was far, his spirit is free,

 forever in our hearts    andrew and steph   xxx


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