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Memorial created 04-3-2010 by
Seville (my Lion King)
November 1 1996 - April 2 2010

02/19/10 ~ I love this picture of you!

My sweet kitty, I am so sorry you had to leave. I tried to save you baby just wasn't in the plan I guess. My heart is broken, and I don't know what to do. You were such a good loving...such a chatter-box. You have the most beautiful light green eyes. I will never forget them or how you used to look into my eyes and meow. You will be held in my heart forever beautiful boy.

Your leaving took me by shock, and I am in a daze. I can't think...I can't eat...I can't even go into your bedroom yet. The emergency clinic told me April 1st that you'd be okay...the next afternoon at 3:29pm you were gone. Seville, I had to close the door to your bedroom because all I do is cry when I look in there at all your window perches, beds, chair and toys.

More grief to bear, another heart-break.

~ Though taken from us, the ones we love live on...Although they are now beyond the reach of our arms, they will always be within the embrace of our never-ending love.

~ And if it all falls apart, I will know deep in my heart, what mattered in this life is that I was loved by you.


...wonder what you were thinking?

~ I dont know why they call it heartache. It feels like every part of my body is broken

I miss you precious "lion king." Your memory will live on forever...I promise. You are embedded in my heart. What a wonderful 13 1/2 years we shared! Thank you for being my boy. Love, mom,


Seville and I met when he was an itty bitty baby. It was December 19, 1996, around 6:30am. I was out walking Ebony and Shabba Lou and princess before I went to work. I heard a babby kitty crying. I knew it was a baby by the meow. It sounded close but I couldn't figure out where the sound was coming from and I could not see a kitty anywhere.

I took the pups inside and went back out on a mission to find out where this little voice was coming from.

I finally ended up standing by the neighbors yellow Cadillac Seville that was parked next door. The kitty kept crying and sounding like he was in the trunk. I hated to wake them up so early because neither of them worked at the time, but I didn't care. I had to find this baby kitty. Tim came ot and helped me searched. We looked in the trunk and even in the engine compartment, but no kitty. We kept hearing the cry though. Tim finally got underneath the car and found the most beautiful little orange cat stuck inside the frame of the car.

We had to get milk and food at the store across the street...our mission was on! We had to put the food on the ground under the car and bang on the metal so the kitty would move. Finally after about 45 minutes he edged his way out and dropped onto the ground. I had a new baby, and his name instantly popped into my mind. Since I found him a Cadillac Seville that would be his name. We knew he was only a few weeks old because he could not eat on his own.

Relaing under mom's desk.
Bright camera mom.
Beautiful boy.

...Image of you in a cloud rolls by,

The sky opens up, somewhere in my mind,

A vision of you in a beautiful place,

Tears are falling down,

memories of you...

Rain always hides these tears in my eyes,

My head is spinning, my body aches,

Your time came too soon -

Your life was over in a flash.

The fun we shared, the joy you brought to me,

All just a memory now my sweet kitty.

I will love you forever, mom.

Ih those eyes were gorgeous.
Sleepy kitty.
Face to face with mom.
Oops...too bright. Sorry kit-kat.

Dying Inside

Something so hard goes straight to the soul;

it seems impossible to get over and my heart is left with a big hole.

I'm trying to be happy, wearing a smile;

but I'm dying inside.

The world seems to be fading, and I just want to run and hide.

Everywhere I go I see your face, and realize how much I miss you;

and on the day you died a piece of me died too.

~ by Natali Fox ~

Wrestling with mom's hand.
Get it boy!
Got it mom!
Proud mr kitty.

This card is from from Colina Veterinary clinic. I do not know what I'd do witout them Dr. Guajardo and his team are "the best!!!"

They've ben beside me during so many losses. I've been a client for 28 years and I will be for many more.

Thank you ...thank you...thank you.


Ms. Turner,

May you find comfort in

knowing that the decision you

made was both humane and loving,

We hope fond memories

will surround you.

Our thoughts are with you.

Colina Veterinary Hospoital

received 04/03/10

Beautiful green eyes!
Pestering sister Princess.
...wonder what dog food tastes like?
Purrrrrr Lion.
More love.
I love you.
Precious boy!
Always relaxing with mom.
In his new bed.




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