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Memorial created 09-30-2006 by
Brian Massegee
Lil Girl
March 15 1992 - September 29 2006

In loving memory of My Lil Girl who I love so much. Don't ever take for granted the importance that a pet plays in a person's life. A pet's purpose is to provide companionship and it more than fulfills that obligation by becoming a member of the family, perhaps the child that may never be had. The most significant part of my life has been the pets that have taken the journey with me and this one has been, will always be, the only queen who--with just a look--could rule my world. A day won't pass without remembering Lil Girl and the joy she brought to my life. We love you always, Simon, Fluke, Dartagnan, and myself.


For more than 12 years of her life, Lil Girl was a kitten at heart who always had a playful side to her. She was there for me when people were not and for almost 15 years, she was the most stable companion I have ever had. It was hard watching her over the past couple of years as she struggled to adjust to age and whatever it was that kept her from being herself, but in those big green eyes, I was always reminded of My Lil' Girl. Her unconditional love impressed upon me how special she was, helping me to understand the simple things that still keep humans in conflict every day.


She loved Christmas more than anything, she was the grateful child who got everything they wished for. To have a connection with an animal the way I did with her satisfied many lonely days, providing a lifetime of smiles and memories. She will always be My Lil' Girl.


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