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Memorial created 05-2-2010 by
Gary Pflug
Bogey Pflug
July 4 1996 - May 2 2010

The bogus Man


In loving memory of our Bogey Pflug who we love so much. Bogey Pflug will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


Bogey came into our lives in 1997 where he was adopted from the local Humane Society. He was a skinny mess and full of life. Bogey was the fifth member of our family. He had 2 brothers who loved him, Michael and Garrett.


Bogey will be missed greatly by all of us. Mr. Bogey was a joy to be with. He always wanted to be in on everything. He ate with us, slept with us, played with us, and gave us unconditional love. The biggest part of his day was getting to go for a ride in the car. He loved to go anywhere. As long as he was with us he was happy.


Bogey taught us many lifes lessons that we will never forget...he was Mr. B., our bogeymeister, our bogeyman, our bogumus, and most important, he was our friend and best buddy.


Bogey, we will miss you with all of our have earned your wings, and you will never have to suffer again the rest of your doggie life.


With all of our love,

Dad, Mom, Michael, Garrett, Gram and Gramps


Bogey Loved his Carrots

Bogey loved to eat his vegetables. Especially Big Fat Carrots


The Bogey Man Loved his Treats

Bogey taking a treat from Mommies hand...

We will miss all of the tricks and crazy things you used to do for us...

May you rest in Peace!

We Love You!!


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