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Memorial created 05-3-2010 by
Diane Koch
December 0 1999 - May 3 2010

Your first day at your forever home after a bath.

Oh sweet sweet Kylie... it's been 5 years... 5 years already since the day I laid with you and you took your last breath in my arms... How I miss your sweet sad face, velvety ears and your butt shaking happy dance. You were such a kind soul... I know I don't visit the pages of my Rottie angels as much as I should but it brings me to tears every time I do... and I don't mean a single tear of remembering but streaming tears that I can't see the screen. You, Brittnie & Cassie were precious babies to me and to think of how long you've been gone it saddens me so much, I wish you were all able to live so much longer, to be with us and comfort us when we need you... it's not fair that you only got 10 short years and only 6 of those were with me. You were my laid back cuddle bear and I miss that so much. I miss you watching Brittnie chase the pen light and staring at here like "umm stupid it's a light you'll never catch it" I miss walking in the door and seeing your butt shaking with your happy dance because you're so happy I'm hope. I miss your sweet sloppy kisses and you constantly nudging my arm when I'm on the computer. My sweet Kylie please know you are missed so much each and every day. You, Brittnie and Kylie. I can't even begin to express into words how much you are missed. We all miss you girls and talk about you all the time... I love you and miss you baby.


My precious friend and companion Kylie. Today you left me.... and what a very hard day it's been. This past weekend you showed signs of not doing too good and I knew I had to make a big decision. When I woke up this morning and saw how helpless and in pain you were I knew in my heart it was time. I was able to leave work early and come home to you as fast as I could. When I got home your head popped up as if to say "you're finally here".  You were waiting for me... I saw in your eyes a little glimmer of life and happiness like the days when you would greet me when I came home. I took my pillow off my bed and layed down on the floor next to you and talked to you. You had your last vet appointment scheduled for 5:00 and I dreaded that appointment wondering if I really was making the right decision. And bless your heart you made that decision easier for me. A little less than one hour after I got home from work you took your last breath at home with me by your side. Those moments of watching you gasp for your breath were torture but I knew you no longer hurting... I knew you were no longer in pain.... Me and Grammy curled you in a ball as if you were sleeping and I pet you and cried until Papa came home and then we all cried.

You waited for me to say goodbye and let me say goodbye to you... I LOVE YOU KYLIE and I miss you... I miss you dearly. It's only been a few hours but it only feels like minutes that I lost you.

Baby I want to thank you for every minute of unconditional love... I want to thank you for endless hours of cuddling... I want to thank you for lots of laughs but most of all I want to thank you for picking me to be your Momma.

Every tear that I shed it's of happiness and sadness... Happy because we had 6 1/2 wonderful years together... sadness because you are no longer here to cuddle with.

You leave behind so many people that love you and your sister Brittnie.

This morning I asked my Rottie Angel Cassie to be waiting for you and I know with all my heart she was there waiting for you.

Everyday with you was a blessing and I wouldn't have changed a second of it for anything in the world.





This is one of my favorite pictures of you.


In late Nov 2003 I was looking through and came accross your picture. You looked so sad and so adorable... I wasn't ready for another dog but I inquired about you anyway. They told me your sad history of being bounced from home to home and then being hit by a car. After you were hit by the car you were saved by a wonderful foundation called Canine Angels who saved you in many ways. It was them that brought your beautiful little face into my life. They advised me of your accident but that didn't matter to me. However with work there was no way that at that time I could come get you, I advised them if you were still there after the new year I would be coming for you. And on 1/10/2004 I brought you home to your forever family. Though the family was me and my other Rottie baby Brittnie it was a start and it grew. In 2005 we welcomed baby Megan who like a champ you tolerated as she's been growing up.

You were a shy dog and you loved to follow Brittnie everywhere. The two of you were always together and she was there too when you took your last breath. When people would come over you would welcome them and then wait for them to call you over. I always referred to you as "the fat kid in little league that got called last" because you waited so patiently. But when you got your chance to be pet you made friends fast and never wanted to leave that person's side you never wanted to petting to stop.

You loved to be brushed all the time... I would always say you loved it so much you would let me brush you bald if it were possible.

When you were excited OH BOY were you excited. Since your tail was cropped so short you had nothing to wag and your whole butt would shake around like you were dancing. It was so funny and I will miss your little happy dances.

When you were asleep and dreaming... oh how I loved to watching you chasing bunnies in your sleep and you would bark in your sleep... your jowls would puff up with air and it would be a whisper of a bark... how I will miss that because I loved watching it.... it was adorable.

Your ears.. OH HOW I LOVED YOUR EARS... they were velvety soft and you had one floppy ear and one ear that when you were excited of heard something it perked right up. It was so adorable.

YOUR EYES... your eyes were one of the best things about you because no matter how happy you were you always had sad puppy dog eyes. And those eyes found me that one day in Nov 2003 and those eyes looked at me right up until you took your last breath.

If I could have taken your pain away I would have in heartbeat.... I would have gladly traded places just so you could have many more happy days.




There's that perky little ear and those sad puppy dog eyes that I loved so much. You were such a lover... such a cuddleler. You were my teddy bear.


Cuddling at nap time

You were a cuddly teddy bear to Meg too... she knew she could cuddle up to you. And you let her... when she was a baby you let her crawl all over you and didn't do a thing but lay there. When you had enough of being pulled on and stepped on you got up and moved. You were so gentle... you never growled at a soul (well except Brittnie when she neared your treats and food bowl) you barked only to protect your territory . You never barked a someone you knew. And you taught Brittnie a very bad habit... ironically you howled when I would leave the house and you howled so much Brittnie started doing it too.


Megan's Rottie bookends LOL

She loved you and she will always remember you as her puppy and she will miss you. She will grow up seeing pictures of you all the time... Because though you are not here with us you will be in our hearts FOREVER... I PROMISE!!!


The day before you left me :(


This photo was taken the day before you left me... I know you didn't want to go but I know how hard you struggled to hang on too. It's been five days since you left... I got your ashes back yesterday... you will be laid to rest next your "furfamily" out at the country home where you loved to lay in the sun and watch everything around you. I miss you so much and keep looking for you in that spot where the picture was taken just hoping that this was all a bad dream. But I will always be thankful of you for making the hardest decision easier for as you left this world on your own and I didn't have to make the decision to do it for you. Thank you baby... that helps make it a little easier for me but it does't make the pain of you leaving any easier.. I still miss you.

Today is my Birthday and I know that you are watching down on me sending me birthday kisses.

You were my precious find... your sad eyes saw right though me and they knew that I needed you and you waited that month and a half for me to come adopt you just as you waited that day for me to come home to take your last breath and I KNOW you will be waiting for me the day when it's time for me to come be with you again. I miss you baby!!


There you are!!

You always popped up like this when I came home... because of your arthritis walking was hard but when I came to you your head would pop up as if to say "there you are" And the days when you did have the energy to get up you would always do a happy dance. I will miss your happy dances and adorable expressions when I come home.


Where did you say the camera was? Ahhh, there it is!!


84 days gone :(

 Yesterday was an awful day and today isn't much better. How I wish you were here to cuddle with and release some of this negtivity. I miss you so very much and I know your sister misses you too. But who really misses you is Megan... she knows you went to heaven and that you're all better now but since she's only 4 1/2 she really doesn't understand that you're not coming back. She knows because I tell her so and I tell her that you're in heaven. A few times she asked me to drive her there to go get you so we can bring you home or to visit. She's happy you're not sick anymore and that you can run and play again but she misses you terribly. The day before you passed away her great grandma on her Dad's side passed away. At her funeral Megan put a picture of you in her casket so the two of you would keep each other company in heaven. She has a Rottweiler stuffed animal she named Kylie and has pictures of you all over the wall next to her bed. When we talk about you she still cries sometimes because she does't understand why you're gone. I know that someday she will, but baby we miss you terribly.


You and Brittne with Santa Claus.. I can swear you're smiling!!

Hello my precious Kylie... it goes without saying I miss you so much... I can't believe you've been gone 6 months already. 6 months I've been without your happy dances, 6 months I've been without you following me around the house 6 montrhs I've been without your happy sweet and always sad looking face. I can't get over how fast time has flown by. It seems like only yesterday I watched you take your last breath and then listened to confirm what my heart didn't want to believe.

Momma has a new friend in her life... a boyfriend... he's a fabulous guy... he's a fireman/paramedic.. I wish you could have met him he's such a sweetheart. He's opened Momma's eyes up to a lot of different things. He's the same nationality as Momma, he's Polish but not just Polish he was born in Poland. You'd have loved him. And OH how he adores our Megan she even calls him "Dad" and he's giddy to the idea.

I decorated for Christmas today and cried when I came across your stocking and ornaments. I don't want to believe you're gone. It's not the same without you and I know this is the first of so many that you won't be here.

I miss you and will love you always!!!


I am the guardian of this baby!!

My Sweet Kylie... 2 years it's been, two long years it's been. I found pictures not that long ago that I had to share on here to show the world that looks at you memorial what a wonderful dog you were. You and Brittnie were Meg's guardians and you always did such a good job. The two of you were there when she was brought home from the hospital and you both loved her so much there wasn't anything you wouldn't do to make sure that she was kept safe. I miss you Kylie. I miss your happy dances, I will always miss your precious face that almost always looked sad and I will always miss your nose nudges but I will always especially miss your happy dances when I came home from work. How I wish you didn't have to leave... How I wish you, Brittnie and Cassie could have been given so much more time than you were. You were all the best dogs a person could ever have. So many people out there believe Rottweilers are mean vicious dogs and here I had the three sweetest teddy bears. You were all so good and deserved so much more time. I love you and miss you Kylie and I know that you are always with me and know that you are always in my heart!!


But this is my bed!!

Here you are once again on guard duty sharing your bed with Megan because she crawled out of hers to snuggle with you. You always tolerated everything she did. You and Brittnie were her puppies, her companions, her buddies.


Getting even!!

When Megan wasn't in her bed both you and Brittnie took complete advantage of that. The two of you would crash until she shooed you out of her bed. I find myself every now and again when I'm home all alone looking over at her bed wishing just to catch a glimpse of you guys sleeping there. Always to then remember you won't be there.


Ahhh Christmas!!!

Even though you didn't like the rain you loved the snow. However along with the cold and the snow brought on your limp because of that rod in your leg from when you were hit by a car. I never saw that pain because it happened before I adopted you but it never stopped me from seeing the beautiful soul in your eyes the day I saw that picture on the internet and I knew then that I just had to have you and drove over 100 miles with Brittnie to go adopt you. You always got so excited at Christmas time, just like a little kid because you knew that you were going to get presents and to you presents meant treats!!!


Pet me with both hands!!!

   You loved visits from Auntie Dawnie, she always paid so much attention to you and Brittnie that you especially never let her alone while she was over. Here you are with unmistakable nose nudge trying to get her other hand to pet you too... you just so loved to be pet, and once you made your way to the center of attention you stayed there even if it mean nose nudging!


Grandpa & Megan

   Grandpa passed away 6-13-11 and Megan asked me if Gaji was with you and Brittnie and I told her I bet that you two are and Cassie too and that Gaji walks you all everyday in the pastures and gives you treats. We miss him very much too, he left so quickly and suddenly we barely had a chance to say goodbye. I hope you are all taking care of each other.


  (May 6, 2015) As a tribute to all my beautiful Rottie Angels on July 12, 2014 I got a new tattoo... 3 paw prints one to represent each beautiful soul that I miss with your name in a banner going across it. Brittnie with a special diabetes awareness ribbon for her name as she so bravely dealt with the disease as do I and my wonderful boyfriend Joe does. I carry my sweet babies with me always and their names on my leg as I have their precious memories tattooed in my heart. 


Abby is sexy and she knows it...LOL

My beautiful precious Kylie,

It's be 6 years since you've been gone, six long years without your happy dances, nose nudges and sweet Kylie kisses. Six years of not getting to rub your velvety soft ears and hug you. In 2 days it will be five years since Brittnie came to be with you another hard blow on my heart. When you left Brittnie was there to console us and then when she left the house was silent.

But when you left us it was quick, over the course of a week you declined and we didn't know why and then I woke one morning and you couldn't get up and I knew there wasn't much time. I still had to go to work but they let me leave early so I could be with you. I laid there on the floor with you and I pet you, I did make that unforturnate appointment at the vet but we never made the appointment, you went on your own. Papa was rushing home from work to see you before you left us but got stuck by a train and missed your last glance, your last look of love. It was very sad for all us. I only had your for six short years but those years were the best years of your life. You had a sister who is will you now, you had baby Megan to love you and play with you. You had Grammy and Papa to love you too and all Momma's friends loved you dearly. You and Brittnie had Grammy trained really well, even though she thought she had you all trained really well. Without a second thought at 7:00 every night you and Brittnie got your treats. You couldn't tell time but you still knew, it was so precious.

Because you passed away at home I believe you and even Brittnie and Cassie chase our new cat Abby. Just like you I adopted Abby, she's beautiful, she's all white and oh so sassy. But you already know that don't you.

I love you Kylie and I miss you dearly... you and your Rottie sisters hold a huge part of heart and always will. Until we see each other again know that I love you, ALWAYS!!!

Love Momma

I've included a picture of Abby, but you know her already, I know you do LOL.


Look how big she's gotten!!

Kylie I wanted to show you how big Megan has gotten. She was so little when you left and she has gotten so big. She is in the 4th grade and in Girl Scouts now, in her troop she sold the most cookies this year. She misses you and Brittnie A LOT!!


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