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Memorial created 05-5-2010 by
Jennifer Hudek
June 24 2004 - May 4 2010

     Sophie was and will always remain in our hearts and in our family.  We brought Sophie home at only 8 weeks old and right after our honeymoon.  Sophie was our first "baby" and even though he "priority" level may have shifted over the years she always remained our little girl...  Sophie was there in our first home on Olive, lived with us at Pops and Nana H's while we built our current home, helped us move twice,  was there while we collectively had three surgeries, Sophie was there when we welcomed our  three beautiful babies, and when we suddenly and tragically lost an amazing sister and best friend.. Sophie was there to comfort us, love us, and make us smile.  She loved us, our family, and most importantly her little "sisters" unconditionally.  Sophie was the best little girl and all she ever wanted was to be loved and to love.  There were times when she was in my "way" that I would threaten her that I would open the front door and let her go if I fell holding one of the babies yet... every single time she got out I was there chasing her down and begging her to come home...She was a Daddy's girl just like her sisters and never listened to a command I gave but she let me know she loved me just the same. From the good and bad times, to the happy and sad she was and will always be our "Chez".  The tears have not stopped falling and her sisters want her home but we know that she is with Auntie and no longer alone... It will take time for this wound to heal and probably never will  yet we know that she went peacefully and surrounded by our love.... We still can't believe her bed will remain empty, the yard will go without the yellow, and the floor will have to be cleaned more often than before without her to catch her sisters leftovers, she loved her life and it was a great life, she is our "pawter" and will always remain part of us.  We loved her just from the groomer smell, and the softeness of her white fur.... and even though at times her "natural" air cleared out the room.... we will miss the glare from her "magic" eye when she knew we knew it was her...the way that she not once, not twice but three times destroyed a leather sectional with pure innocence and ate through drywalll like a mouse to cheese.... she love to "mix" it up, sprawl out on the couch, and get a good scratch from anyone around... anyone that knew her said she was one of the best and such a good dog  and we agree but must admit she was simply  the best and we are so blessed that she was ours...she always chased birds yet only caught one, went swimming a few times but never mastered the doggy paddle, had a major curiosity to bees but it only got her in trouble, she loved all things shiny and to smell everything that she could get her nose on, she was a spunky little thing with a whoe lot of sass... she loved Christmas and wrapping paper, hot dogs and cherry tomatoes, loved to lick the top of my latte and act like it wasn't her even though the proof was all over her face, she loved when Daddy got home it was her favorite part of the day, her tail would start going as soon as she heard the door, she loved to go in the girls nurseries and smell them afer they were lotioned and lick their little toes, sticking her head in the bath when the girls where in getting cleaned up, and jumping on Daddy's side of the bed to say "wake up", she loved all things and never ever hurt a fly, she was so good to us and we miss her so much, I thought that after everyhting we've have been through this wouldn't hurt so bad however I am amazed at the ache and emptyness of the loss of our girl.  I have the love of my life, healthy children and a wonderful life, I have put things into perspective but we lost our sister just two years ago and now our Sophie.... two best friends in only two years it just hurts.... at least their together is what we like to believe...  We love our Sophie and always, always will,  she will be in our hearts, in our minds always and we know that she is at rest, at peace, and in heaven.... we love our little Sophie and will miss you always!


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