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Memorial created 05-11-2010 by
Jennifer Page
December 29 2008 - May 8 2010

In loving memory of our Esther who we love so much. Esther will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.  Esther was my little angel who came into my life at just the right time.  She brought joy and love to my heart.  I never knew how much I could love until she was around.

Even though she was only here a year and a half, she has become my dearest friend. 

Esther, you will be missed.  You were my baby.  I love you, and I will NEVER forget you.


With one of her favorite toys.

Good Morning Mommy!!!

I woke up this morning remembering how my sweet Esther would wake me up.  If she was up before me, she would crawl up by my face and lick me all over until I woke up.  As soon as I said "Good Morning Esther!"  She would roll over for a belly rub.  It was such a good way to wake up each morning.


It's been one month baby.  One month ago, you left me.  I really miss you.  It sure has been a different month.  I wish you could have stayed with me.  I wish that you could have gotten better.  But God had other plans.  I know that now you are feeling better and are healed.  My heart still aches every time I think of you. 
You have a new sister.  Her name is Naiyma.  She is not replacing you.  NO dog ever could replace you.  You were my angel.  I think you really would have loved having a sister. 
I love you.  I miss you.  Thank you for being my angel for a year.


Hey My Esther.

It's been so long since I've gotton to hold you.  I'm missing you a lot today.  Your sister Naiyma is good; I really miss your personality.  I miss holding you.  I miss your friendly heart.  I know that you are feeling better and that God has healed you.  But I miss you.  I wish you could have met Naiyma.  Grandma and Aunt Jessi miss you too.  THere will never be a special dog like you again. 



Hey sweet Esther.


I am missing you again today.  You were so sweet and always with me.  I miss your kisses and snuggles.  I wish that you didn't have to leave me so soon, but you are much better now.  NO longer sick. Your sister Naiyma is good.  SHe is so different from you.  I know you would have loved her and enjoyed playing with her.  I miss you much.

Love you




Happy Birthday!

Hey sweet one. Today would have been birthday number two.  I still have a hard time realizing that you have been gone for nearly eight months.  You were so young when you left me.  I miss you terribly.  I miss your hugs and you sitting on my shoulder staring out the window.  I wish that you wouldn't have left, but I know that you are feeling better now and that you aren't sick any more.  Naiyma and I are going to celebrate your birthday together today.  Maybe we can get to the dog park.  I miss you.  A lot.  I love you bunches.  Your sister Naiyma is doing fine.  She is healthy and enjoying life at the apartment.  I so wish you both could have been together.  Well, I love you.

Have a good birthday!



One year later

Baby Esther, it has been one year since you died.  I miss you terribly.  I haven't forgotten you or your sweet spirit and loving personality.  I miss your kisses and giving you belly rubs.  I miss the way you woke me up in the morning.  I miss your playfulness.  I won't forget you or everything you have meant to me.  I love you very much.

Your new sister and I will take time to remember you today.


I love you dearly baby girl.  You are so sweet, and I will never forget you.  As we get close to your third birthday, I will make sure Naiyma and I have some time to remember you.  I miss you so much!


ready to travel

Hey Baby Girl.

Today would have been your third birthday.  I miss you a whole lot.  YOu are my baby.  I miss your friendly and energetic personality.  i wish we could have had more time together.  I wish we would have been able to spend years together.  I love you and will never forget you!

Love you most!



Hey My Darling

It's been three years.  Three years since I had to say goodbye.  I miss you very much.  I am glad you are no longer suffering.  Can you look out for your sister Naiyma at the rainbow bridge.  I know you never met her, but you will know her when you see her. I have missed you very much.  I love you very much.



Im missing you today.  You've been gone for a oong time, but i haven't forgotten yoyr sweet spirit and loving kisses. You are a gentle pup and I miss you much.



 Your birthday is today my sweet little one. You didn't have enough on this world. Been thinking about you and missing you. Run free on the rainbow bridge. Play and be happy. I love you dearly and cherish the memories we have here.


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