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Memorial created 05-12-2010 by
Bonnie Hall
Maxie Hall
February 27 1993 - March 15 2010

One of our gifts from God

Maxie Hall Maxie was born in February 1993. I got her when she was 6 weeks old. The Lord blessed me with her company for 17 years. She started getting finicky about her eating in the past couple of years. As this year started she almost stopped eating all together. The vet said her kidneys were failing. We were going to let her go on Monday and she passed in her sleep the night before. Our Lord took it out of my hands. Another blessing. She was such a joy to live with. We even stayed in an assisted living facility together for 3 years. She was wonderful with all the residents and they loved her dearly. I took her to the Health Center on the same campus and she became a therapy dog. The residents perked up whenever she was around and they could pet her. Iím in a power wheelchair and she loved to sit in my lap and ride. When I took her outside she walked around the grounds, checking everything out, chasing squirrels and birds. People thought she was a service dog because she walked so well beside my chair. Actually, I worked for her. When we moved back home she spent time with our German Shepherd, Shepherd/Chow, Pug mix and cat. She was still able to enjoy the deck, yard and the snowy weather. We took walks together as long as she was able. Maxie loved being with my sons and grandchildren when they were around. My son, (her brother) helped care for her in her final year. Her loss is felt by all of us. She lost so much weight because she could no longer eat. I was relieved when it was over. We had her cremated and brought her home. She will dwell in our hearts forever.


Maxie was 5 weeks old when I got her. She weighed 2 1/2 pounds. What a cutie. She loved to hang out with my grandchildren/


She loved to spend time with Wade.


Dressing up was a favorite. More pictures on page 2.


Dressing up like one of the girls.


Baby Maxie and Buddy


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