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Dyan Bounds
Boomer Sooner Strait From Texas
March 5 2004 - May 18 2010

In loving memory of our sweet boy "Boomer", we will miss your big brown eyes and sweet little face, what a wonderful little guy you were!

Although you ended up being the biggest pup of the litter, you started out the runt and I guess your kidneys were under developed. You were born with small kidneys that robbed you of having a long life. I guess you just learned to live with it because you never let it slow you down until just a few months before we had to say goodbye. You had a happy and fulfilling 6 years on earth.  

Behind the name: Boomer Sooner Strait from Texas  

Boomer Sooner is for Oklahoma Sooners, I love OU football! Strait is for George Strait, my favorite country singer. From Texas because Boomer was born in Amarillo, Texas (in a bus on the way home from his birth mom and dad's vacation!)

 Our thoughts and memories of Boomer....

I got Boomer in April 2004, when he was barely 6 weeks old. My mini-schnauzer, Aspen, was 8 years old. Although at first, Aspen ignored Boomer and was jealous of his arrival, after a few months she realized Boomer was pretty cool and a great playmate. For the next 4 years, the two were best buds and loved to play together. In February 2008 we lost Aspen to congestive heart failure, during her final days, Boomer knew she was sick. He was constantly either laying by her or he was in a position he could see her.

As a puppy Boomer loved trying to "play" with the puppy face in the bottom of his water bowl! He would sit and bark at it, then dunk his face in his water bowl! (There is photo of me below after one of my amusing attempts to get the puppy to come out of the bowl and play) After several years, I guess he was convinced it wasn't going to happen, so he moved on to playing in the fish pond!  

Oh my, the fish pond.....Much to my dismay, Boomer LOVED to get in the pond and lay down in the water (on a ledge) and it didn't matter if the pond was clean or dirty! So many times, I would be in a hurry, letting Boomer and Aspen (then BayLee) outside to potty, only to find Boomer in the pond just as I was getting ready to leave to go somewhere! 

Boomer just loved our next door neighbor Maxine....he would sit at the fence for HOURS waiting on her to come give him a treat! (See my photo "waiting for Maxine" below) I know it broke his heart when we moved to Texas and he didn't get to see Maxine everyday. It was funny to watch him on our trips "home"...he couldn't wait to get out of the car and run as fast as he could to Maxine's front door! The times she wasn't home, Boomer would want out in the backyard and he would just wait at the fence until she got home.   

Boomer loved to play with his toys! Actually his TOY, he had a favorite, a sheepskin bear, that he slept with every night! Boomer loved playing tug-a-war with his sissy Aspen and also BayLee for the last couple of years of his life.

Boomer loved going for walks...for about a half of block, then he would just sit down and not budge an inch so then I would have to carry him the rest of the way! Boomer's buddy Aspen, also loved to go on walks, but as her heart condition progressed, she was unable to go on walks, so I got her a doggy stroller so we could still go on walks. Well, Boomer discovered very quickly that a ride in the doggy stroller was more his style...when he knew it was time for our walk, he would sit by the stroller and wait until I opened the door then he would run in and sit, he was ready to go!!

Boomer was a sweetheart, with a stubborn streak! He did not like loud or quick movements..therefore he did not like it when we watched OU football games, especially when we jumped up and down and yelled at the tv! LOL

We miss you so much Booms and BayLee sure misses his bubba but I know you were so happy to be reunited with your sissy Aspen, playing tug-o-war once again!

My mom has photos of me when I was just a little pup in a box yet to be unpacked. She will post them soon so you can see what a cute little guy I was and also a few photos that shows my mischievous side!



Playing tug-a-war with my sissy Aspen..she usually won!


I loved playing with my toy...I even slept with it every night!


Waiting for Maxine.....


Using Aspen as a pillow


Trying to catch Aspen off guard so I can grab my toy...hardly ever worked she was quick!


After trying to play with the puppy on the bottom of my water bowl!


Best playing together again at Rainbow Bridge.

I was so happy to see my sissy Aspen when I got to Rainbow Bridge! You can read about her at:


Catching some rays with my buddy BayLee


Loving' that Texas sun while posing for my last photo before going to Rainbow Bridge.


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