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Memorial created 05-20-2010 by
Elizabeth Moss
June 6 2006 - May 19 2010


In loving memory of our Annabelle who we love so much. Annabelle will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.  She was the best you could ever ask for. Waiting for us in the rain or snow, barking to protect us from any harmful animals, and always caring for our other pets as if she was the mother.  Annabelle was sweet, kind, loyal, and will always be thought of as our best friend, protector, fighter, and our little Annababy.  She was ours for a while, but God's forever.  


Annabelle's brother, Eli

 Eli was Annabelle's brother whom played with Annabelle all the time.  Annabelle would tease Eli at any second she could, whether Eli liked it or not.  Eli was a great cat and took on the mature role after Metilda had left.  Boe, another one of their sisters, recently had kittens whom Eli loved as well as Annabelle.  Boe gave birth to six kittens, all girls except for a small black male, Midnight.  We couldn't keep all six and gave two to a friend.  Boe got really worried and ran off with one of her kittens.  Eli took after the other three, being a father to them, even though he was not the biological father.  Eli cared for them as if they were his own children, and protected them with all his heart.  Eli was a brave cat and loving to all, he has been dearly missed and will be remembered as an honorable, fatherly, role model to be looked upon forever. 


Annabelle's sister, Metilda

 Metilda was a lone female, but independent as a sister.  She would look after the whole family, not as a protecter for that was Annabelle's job, but as a quiet, motherly, spy.  She was sweet once she got used to you, but she needed some warming up time before she showed her affection.  See, we rescued her from the pound when we were looking for our other lost cat, Boo Kitty.  She was a mother, having seven kittens that had all been adopted away from her, but no one had wanted her.  I realized how lonely she looked and also came to mind that we may never find Boo Kitty, so I decided that we should take her in.  Luckily, I got her right before they were going to put her to sleep, and she was ours.  I love her so very much and she will always be greatly missed.  She lived with us for a while, but she will live on in heaven...forever. 


Annabelle's sister, Crystal

 Crystal is our only indoor cat, and she is very different from the rest.  She's not quite fond of the outside world but she seems to want to feel what it's like out there.  We also adopted her the humane society, and as soon as I spotted her I knew she was the one.  A white cat, which was very unique, but different color eyes? A perfect match for my personality and what more interesting!  She is sweet, having be attacked by another dog at her old home (that is why she has her eye color mixed).  She can be spooked easily, and I will admit that I mess with her sometimes, but overall she is a perfect indoor cat despite her shedding.  I love her so very much and she is still loving today, growing every minute.  She will have a place in my heart forever. 


Annabelle running in to the garage for her daily bone

Annabelle always came running into the garage at night whenever we got home.  She always wanted her daily bone, we would reward her for her protection.  She would bark at even a small blade of grass if she thought it would harm us.  Don't get me wrong, she would never hurt a person, but she sure would threaten them.  She was the greatest protecter, even scaring off coyotes.  She is so little but she had the BIGGEST heart of all time.  



 The cutest face she could ever sweet and anxious for her treat.  Her smile could blow away millions, and her heart could fit gazillions!  Annabelle wouldn't ask for much at all but she sure did give a lot.  This picture shows her gaze of sweetness, curiosity, anxiety, and love. 


Annabelle's brother, Midnight

 Midnight, also called "Middy, MiddiCable, MiddiBoo", was one of Boe's kittens, the only male of the family, and solid black.  Midnight is very much like Eli: quiet, lovable, fatherly, and mature.  Being the only male, Midnight leads the others, and they follow him places whether it's to the front, or the neighbor's house.  Midnight is a very pretty cat with his shiny, solid black fur, and his SUPER SHARP claws!  I love Midnight and he is still loving today, another slot in my heart that will be implanted forever. 


Annabelle's sister, Monkey

 Monkey, also called "Monk Monk", is another one of Boe's kittens, a female who is very energetic.  When they were only about a week old, Monkey was the only one who could crawl out of the small basket they were in.  And later, the first one to climb out of the kiddie pool we relocated them in.  Monkey also has interesting features with one white spot on her left eye and brown marks randomly located on her black fur.  Monkey is very much loved and is also still living today.  She will be in my heart forever. 


Annabelle's sister, Tiger

 Tiger reminds me of Metilda, a lone cat.  She has to warm up to you before she shows affection.  Tiger is also one of Boe's kittens, and a female tabby/calico.  Tiger, also called "Tigress", is independent but very loving at times.  She tends to take care of her sister and brother by giving them baths and sharing her food with them, sometimes not getting any food herself.  She isn't usually wild, but she does love to play and can get rough at times.  I love Tiger and she still is living today. She is another pocket in my heart and will be remembered forever. 


Annabelle's sister, Snowy

 Snowy is our rabbit, alone in her cage.  Soon we will get a brand new rabbit hutch so she can run around and play.  Snowy is very shy, she doesn't like to be held a lot but she loves to be walked.  Once you get her outside in the grass, she'll run around and eat all the grass she can get!  Snowy loves clover, it's her favorite food.  You could give her three handfuls of clover and she will have it devoured in less than a day!  Also Snowy enjoys carrots, celery, lettuce, and her harvest food we give her every other day.  She'll have lots of other vegetables to eat soon because our garden is blooming!  Snowy has soft white fur, and pretty red eyes....when she gets scared they really turn dark.  I got her from Tractor Supply Company (TSC) around 4 years ago and she is still living today.  I love Snowy very much and would love to see her happy in her new rabbit hutch soon.  She has made a cut in my heart forever. 


Annabelle's sister, Boe

 Boe was a curious, small, and young member of the family.  She would always play with Annabelle and they seemed like they had a relationship of a real, human, brother and sister bond.  Boe was born at a friend's house when I adopted one of my friend's kittens.  It took a while for Boe to get used to the house, she was small, and new to the whole land.  But Boe soon got settled because after a year, she had a litter of six kittens.  Annabelle loved these kittens and tried to care for them, so did Eli, he was a second father.  Boe was a wild cat, she would climb many trees, go into them, roam in the woods, and hide underneath the deck.  Our land was perfect for a type of cat like her, 21 acres of land, and lots of wild life.  I love Boe, and I hope she is safe wherever she is.  She ran off last year with one of her kittens, Oreo.  Even though she is not with me, she will be in my heart forever. 


Annabelle's sister, Boo Kitty

 Boo Kitty was the first cat or animal I've ever had!  This picture was the only one I have of her too, I wish I'd taken more.  She was sweet, and adventurous.  We adopted her from my cousin's litter.  I don't have much memory of Boo KItty because I was really young when I got her, but I do remember that she disappeared Halloween night while we were gone trick-or-treating.  But I love her with all my heart and will miss her forever. 


Dad and Brownie

 Next to Annabelle, I think Brownie was one of the best dogs I've ever had.  She was different from Annabelle though, she was very calm and quiet.  Annabelle was energetic and loud at times.  Brownie was very sweet and wouldn't hurt anyone or anything.  In fact, we thought that Brownie thought she was a cat.  She always hung around them and acted like she was just like them.  She could lye around all day, just like a cat.  We rescued her from the Humane Society, she was the runt of her litter, and had no tail.  We think she had a cancer at the shelter, but it only started showing a year after we got her.  Her fur began to fall off in places and her skin became like a scab.  Soon after, if I tried to pet her, her skin might bleed.  I loved her so much and wish we could have caught the disease sooner but God wanted to take her in his arms.  Brownie never did any harm to anyone and would never want to.  She was the sweetest fruit of the garden and one of the best dogs you could ever have.  She has left a big gap in my heart forever. 


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