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Memorial created 05-21-2010 by
Christine Miller
Betsy Lou Miller
May 18 2010

Mommy's little Princess

In loving memory of our Betsy Lou Miller who we love so much. Betsy Lou Miller will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


Betsy was a rescue puppy....but I believed she rescued us.....loved us unconditionally...She loved to play with her little brother Dexter....and she loved vacations....the sun was where she loved to lay.....Florida was her favorite vacation spot......At Christmas she could pick her wrapped bones out among all the gifts...and she could open it quicker than Zach did his gifts.......


Love you Betsy our hearts can never be replaced....


Mommy & Dad & Zach


Our little UK poodle
Love my Mom's bed
See you in Heaven Mom & Dad & Zach
Me and My brother Dexter...miss you trouble maker
Christmas was her favorite holiday
Sharing my space with Nova my little sister
By the pool in there is sunshine everyday where I am now..

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