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Memorial created 05-22-2010
August 6 2004 - May 20 2010

Taken the day Brody passed

Thank you for coming to Brody's page.  You might think it's weird to have a dog memorial page, at first I did too, but with the unexpected passing of Brody there is so much I want to share about her, that we didn't get time to share with everyone.  I really hope that you will take the time to read this and I would appreciate it if you could post something, something about Brody, or just to let me know you visited the site.

Brody passed away Thursday May 20th, 2010 while enjoying an evening walk with Mom.  It was unexpected and sudden, we believe she died from a brain aneurysm. She was a happy healthy dog, fresh from a bath I'd given her that day (you can see how pretty she looked that day in the picture to the left). Brody was only 5 years old and would have turned 6 in August; her age and her good health led us to believe that she would have been with us for many years to come. This is why her passing has been a shock to our family and friends. 

Brody brought joy to everyone she met, human or animal. She was a very social dog who had many dog friends as well as people friends.  At home everyone spent time with Brody, she refused to be without her family. She enjoyed going on visits to other dog's homes with Mom, going for a car ride to get a soda with Dad, taking a nap with Nessi and having Elise come home to play with her on the weekend. Brody had a lot of personality, she always tried very hard to communicate with her humans with her "Brody cries" and she used her ability to curl the corners of her lips upwards into a smile whenever she was really happy. Brody had such human-like characteristics that we sometimes forgot she was a dog.

Brody gave us all very happy memories that we will cherish forever. Despite her leaving us so soon, we all felt that she had been with us a lot longer then she actually had been, which we believe is because we all got to spend so much wonderful and engaging quality time with our little girl.


We love you!

Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our lives.

We will never forget you.


Brody as a freakin' cute puppy!

We found Brody at the Milwaukee Humane Society on October 1st, 2004. She was in a room with three other puppies, but when we entered the room Brody was the only one who got up to say hello to us. She stepped up onto Elise's legs and put her nose right up to her lips and just held it there. We had to have her and we bought her on the spot. The humane society said she came from Indiana and that she was lab/shepherd mix about 8 weeks old. She had a little red collar and her name was Beta.

When we first stepped out of the humane society to take our new puppy home it became apparent to us very quickly that Brody had not been outside before, she was afraid of the grass and she ran to hide behind a garbage can when a gust of wind blew a few leaves across her path. Needless to say, we had to carry her the rest of the way to the truck. As soon as we started driving in the truck she got comfortable, her head started bobbing and her eyes were very heavy, it had been a big day for the pups.

Our new puppy became "Brody" within the next 5 days of being with us. Brody grew fast, but she didn't do as much growing as we expected a lab shepherd mix would do, not to mention she had long and lean features, uncharacteristic of either of those two breeds. So with the help of Grandpa Lemminger we came to the conclusion she was lab whippet mix, a "whippador!"

Brody liked to go everywhere with us, car rides were her favorite, she sat up straight in the passenger seat, very serious, as if it was her job to be a good passenger. She also loved running around the yard as fast as possible, and it didn't matter if anyone was watching her. Sometimes I would go by the window and see her outside by herself just running as fast as she could, she was our "Racer Pups." She also like to be chased; sometimes you could just stand there and pretend that you were going to get her and off she would go! She'd be running and would fake to the left or to the right taunting you "haha you can't get me!" But if you did manage to tag her she would immediately drop at your feet and roll over so you could pet her belly.

Brody was also very vocal. Even though we didn't allow her to bark much she made up for it with her many wimpers, howls and growls of joy, and disgruntled sighs. She also enjoyed howling competitions with her humans. 


Also Known As

Our family has an obsession with giving nicknames to eachother, Brody was hardly exempt from this obsession. Her latest, most common nicknames: "Brodes," "Toads," "Toaders," "Pups," "Puppers," "Muffin" and "Burnt Muffin."  Dad had been calling her "Bugs," "Bugsy," and "Sporty-Sport." I think over the course of her life Brody has had 15-20 nicknames. Ridiculous, I know, but Brody responded to all of them. Her first nickname was "Feffers" (like hossenfeffer), I really have no idea where these silly nicknames come from, but for some reason one day we just looked at Brody and saw "Feffers!" or "Toaders!" and they just stuck.  


I want to thank everyone who has come and visited Brody's page and all the support we've recieved, through your comments.  It's comforting to know others care and will be missing Brody too.


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