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Memorial created 05-24-2010 by
Erica Hargett
Licorice Hargett
December 25 1999 - May 22 2010

In loving memory of our Licorice Hargett who we love so much. Licorice Hargett will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.   We were on vacation when we lost you two days ago.  We didnt know what would of happened or we never would have gone.  The pain is so strong right now, I am so numb.  I went today to see you for the last time and although you were gone and your soul is resting in heaven and you are with out arthritis, I had to rub your neck one last time and tell you I love you and I will never forget you and the love, walks and time that we shared.  At this point I cannot vaccum up your loose hairs, I cannot put away your meds and I cannot breathe without every bit of my body hurting.  What hurts even more is Snickers is still here waiting for you, looking for you and sniffing around for you.  I Love you so much and I wish we had one more day together, one more long belly rub.  God, this hurts so bad..I LOVE YOU SWEETIE, my baby girl.


You were always funny.  Thats when we were staying with friends and you loved wearing the pumpking costume.  You wouldn't let me take it off of you.  You were always a very happy puppy dog!!


You loved rolling in the dirt.  Loved it. I just found camping pictures.  I loved camping with you and Snickers.  We had sooooo much fun.  We took never ending walks and I wish I had a picture of the time you two knuckleheads decided to rough house a porqepine (SP) and got quilled-Memorial weekend $600 dollars later everything was better except my checkbook.  You were worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am so sorry that your gone, I miss you sooooo much and I still love you and my love continues to grow for you.


Yesterday, I had a dream.  Licorice was back, everything was a dream, I just grabbed her and told her how much I love her and I kept saying I am so happy, you're back.  Imissed you. Tom and Nicholas were there and everything in the World was right and then I saw her being lifted back toward the sky and I tried to grab her and I couldn't.  I was screaming, I am not ready for you to go please come back.  I woke up and Tom and I were in the kitchen.  Nicholas was still asleep and I started crying so bad.  I thought by some miracle I was healed in a sense, I thought about her everyday but basically I hurt all over, and I was just thinking about getting a rescue to help Snickers and selfishly myself.  I feel in my heart that Snickers is real tired and sore even with her meds.  I just dont know how I will get through losing Snickers.  Losing Licorice has been hard enough but not having either.


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